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Claudio Grass: West Doesn’t Understand Gold

from WallStForMainSt:

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3 comments to Claudio Grass: West Doesn’t Understand Gold

  • mac

    What the heck r u talking about? The West is Eng. Ger. USA and the other fake democracies. The people in the West r buying records amount of gold and silver coins etc. R u basically promoting the ‘clash of civilizations’ meme, the lie that the US is trying to foist upon the world as they destroy Islamic countries?

    People, real live people in the West r buying gold, and they know why, too.

    The Banksters r the ones who try to keep us away from real money as they rape the world with the Ponzi Paper scam – aka the US dollar….

    And what r u doing about it, besides reading web sites?

  • Claudio

    Hi Mac – did you listen to the interview…I guess not when I see your statement.

    Anyway – wishing you all the best and great that you are buying gold and silver!

  • rl

    Thanks Claudio.
    Good to see you here.
    Econ is really not that complicated as you know my friend. The machinations are one thing as more is better and the mystery applied to it amongst the profession is not at all that mysterious. But having sat in all the classes and paid for and read all the books too I understand why it is what it is. Fiat ponzi is at the scale it is simply for the trick of theories applied based in fanciful words and mental masturbation. Keynes proved this for us and was adopted for it. Tools of manipulation are indeed beyond compare as well as beyond imagination now but real theft never takes a day off is the crux of that story. Supply and demand have lost their undeniable relevance until a real correction comes. And while those with the supposed intelligence are best equipped to master this myriad of shadows and those at the top scramble to ensure there lot the fact remains and has always been that this ‘money’ was designed to fail, and take all who have seen no choice but to partake down in its wake. While those that are able to see the scheme they are party to and divest accordingly weather the storm until then.
    Your insights on these workings and pms are a cut above.

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