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Civil War II and the Coming Breakup of America

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Can Americans Win a Guerrilla War Against the Banker Occupation Forces? This is still an open question and the answer to the question should be rephrased to “Does America have the stomach fight a guerrilla war against the banker occupation forces? The fact remains that the civil war has already begun”

Benghazi is the one event that President Obama cannot make go away. This article will review the facts that demonstrate that the Benghazi affair was connected to an attempted military coup against Obama which subsequently failed. However, the motivation behind the coup did not die with Ambassador Stevens, it has only changed form and has now morphed into civil war mode. This is a two part series which examines why it is likely that the coming civil war will be a guerrilla war. Further, a convincing case will be made that the Benghazi incident will serve as the flash point for this emerging civil war. Also, the next part in this series will expose how the dead bankers and earthquakes in Connecticut factors into this crisis.

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3 comments to Civil War II and the Coming Breakup of America

  • swabby70

    Your a fucking idiot. Why is this frauds writings still being posted on the SGT Report? Go Post on Alex Jones site.
    From your little fart box in Tennessee, can your remember the big boys talking about an insurgency in IRQ or AFG? I was in IRQ and saw first hand what a bunch of jabbering towel heads could do, even against the mighty US technology available. The insurgency in this country that would result from any kind of action that you always claim is “just around the corner” would be enough to engulf the US military. What do you think a few million very hostile, American MEN will do to Chinese, Russian, US forces or faggot ass bankers? No one wants to stand out and be labeled a lone wolf or some kinda of crazy vet with a gun. But I assure you, when the Lion is awakened there will be blood. And I pity the politicians, media, academics, race baiters and farriers who have been riding this wave of corruption.
    Go eat some shit, Dave Hodges.

  • Randy0302

    Every “common sense” article stinks…..disappointed that you are published here.

  • Can I get on the bandwagon??? Huh, huh?
    I’ve been saying for a long time that Dave is a joke. Alex Jones on steroids.
    I don’t even read his crap anymore, but I still like to get my jabs in towards him. And yes, I “did” respond directly on his site numerous times….. did he have a rebuttal? Nope.

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