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Celebrity Molester Championed by Sex Abuse Agency

by Alethea Marina-Nova, Henry Makow:

I am well aware that my on-going articles about Lena Dunham have annoyed some of my readers. It appears that many women, who have been sexually abused by men or teenage boys, do not understand the darkness -the depths of the emotional pain and disturbing, disgusting feelings when a woman is sexually abused by their mother, or an older sister.

There seems to be a number of women who defend women, no matter what they have done, merely because they are women.

For people like myself, this is a re-wounding. People don’t understand that Lena Dunham pried open deep-seated wounds in me,[when she admitted in her book, Not That Kind of Girl, that she sexually abused her sister for ten years.] Every single one of her fans, admirers, and apologists also re-wounded me.

Personally, I feel Lena Dunham might have been sexually abused by her mother, but because she is so far gone into her own ego, and because she has so many supporters, and friends, and the press -who will never be truthful with her -who will never speak up to Lena about how wrong she was to write what she did in her book, and because her parents raised Lena to believe pornography and child molestation stories are “art,” Lena will most likely never do any inner reflection.

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