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“Anti-Austerity” Mania

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

It’s midday Sunday; likely, within 24 hours of Greece either making an historic stand for its rights, or giving in to a handful of financial sociopaths – and in doing so, forsaking last month’s mandate by the majority of Greek citizens.  True, the outcome may not necessarily be “black versus white”; as no doubt, if an agreement is made between Greece and the Euro Group, it will be carefully couched in language proclaiming “success.”  In other words, pure propaganda; in a desperate, last ditch effort to prevent history’s largest Ponzi scheme from imploding NOW.  Unquestionably, the global fiat currency regime is in its final death throes – with the only question being, can it survive the current Greek crisis?  And if so, for how much longer?

After all, global economic activity is in all-out freefall; as evidenced by Friday’s all-time low of the Baltic Dry Index, which could plunge dramatically if this weekend’s West Coast dockworkers strike continues; the North American rig count, plunging at its most rapid rate in 20 years; and the U.S. Consumer Confidence Index, which last week had its largest “miss” versus expectations ever.  Meanwhile, physical Precious Metal demand is going parabolic – particularly in China, per January’s record gold imports –  making it more and more likely that the Cartel’s 15-year reign of terror is nearing its end; and with it, Central banks’ long-standing control of financial markets.  To wit, this weekend’s comment by leading Cartel whistleblower Andrew Maguire, on just how intense the “gold wars” have become…

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1 comment to “Anti-Austerity” Mania

  • Ed_B

    There is little doubt remaining that this IS the very last chance that Greek citizens have to express their political will at the ballot box. If their will is not done by the latest gaggle they have hired to do their will, then it is all over and done for the elective process. It will be time to stop pretending that ballots matter and start issuing bullets to their citizens… even if the citizens HAVE to arm themselves.

    The US is not that far behind Greece in this matter. The biggest difference is that there are 100 million gun owners in the USA who do not need to be armed because we already are. While an armed revolution is the 2nd to the last thing we want, it may very well come down to that because politicians simply do not care about our freedom and liberty. Only we seem to care about that or are willing to fight for it when necessary.

    It is pretty clear that the US Gov of today is more harsh, demanding, and intrusive than was King George III back in the colonial days. If the colonists thought that a 3% tax on tea was bad, they should try the tax system in the US today. It is extremely intrusive and over-reaching. The US Gov was supposed to me kept small and weak on purpose so that it could not devolve into tyranny. That worked well for a long time but it is clear that it no longer is working FOR the people. It seems to be working just fine for the government but then tyranny usually does. This is not about them. It is about We The People and We The People are getting damned tired of an over-reaching all-powerful and hideously expensive nanny state that seems to spy on everyone and control everything. This is not what America is all about and we all recognize that. The traitors in the government who have broken their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America need to be rounded up, arrested, and put on trial by the people for their crimes. This is not a job for the police or the courts because they too are part of the problem and cannot be part of the solution. I pray that there is a way to resolve this without armed force but it is looking less and less like that is possible any more due to the severe corruption in DC and NY as well as many of the state governments. Yes, the Founding Fathers WOULD be shooting by now.

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