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Andrew Maguire – The Death Of The LBMA And Big Trouble For Banks!

from KingWorldNews:

Andrew Maguire: “The new international exchange already has a large Chinese participation, which is going to bring in the necessary liquidity to circumvent London. The participants include wholesale entities, banks and large trading houses, some of whom act on behalf of central banks.

Death Of The LBMA

The large Asian banks were fed up with having their orders front-run. So now they have complete anonymity. This is why I said it’s going to be the death knell for the current LBMA bullion bank system. It (the LBMA) is now scrambling to make changes, but it’s just too late.”

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1 comment to Andrew Maguire – The Death Of The LBMA And Big Trouble For Banks!

  • jsauai

    This all sounds very good for the metal stackers, but we should see the results of this manifest in the charts. I follow Michael Noonan’s chart analysis because I find him quite accurate with his read on price action. Time will tell!

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