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America’s Extinction Level Event

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Forget Fukushima and the ecological and climatic damage caused by the Gulf Oil Explosion. These events are child’s play compared to what is coming from Yellowstone super volcano. The problem is that it is impossible to predict when the massive explosion will occur. This event will end life as we know it, but will it happen next week or in 10,000 years? Nobody knows, and for certain, nobody can do anything about it.

I have been ignoring the hysteria and hype surrounding the claims that Yellowstone is a massive super volcano ready to blow its enormous top. Sensationalist journalists have been claiming for years that if there is a volcanic explosion at Yellowstone, it could constitute an extinction level event (ELE). Yeah right! At least, that is what I believed until several months ago

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4 comments to America’s Extinction Level Event

  • swabby70

    Oh my God, I just shit my pants. The sky, our sky will fall on all of us and consumed we shall all be. Consumed my friends, by French fry and flesh eating aliens who will come from Russia and China via the Yellowstone tunnel. Thanks for all you do Dave and thanks to the Common Nonsense Show.

    • Timco

      Hey Swabby-

      I must admit your “common nonsense show” remark gave me a good laugh. I stopped taking Hodges seriously when he warned us about “portable incinerator units” that would be used when Ebola victims start piling up in the streets. He claimed the Marines would be operating the incinerators, town to town, until all the corpses were turned into harmless ash. Hodges is an interesting person, to say the least. I will admit his reports are very detailed, and he puts great effort into them.

  • justin

    Amen brother,

    I’m so tired of all the fear mongers and their so called righteous truth movement, all in the name of increasing their viewer numbers and get those advertisement pennies.
    I hope they all get cancer from the constant fear they PROMOTE.
    “DON”T FORGET TO BUY SILVER FOR WHEN THE SUPER VOLCANO EXPLODES…don’t forget to use the link from my website so I can get my beak wet.”
    You should only get cancer of the a$$, where you live and breath.
    Thanks for all your help but we don’t need it.

  • swabby70, haha! Yeah, this is why I pay no attention to Hodges and his fear-porn (I only stopped by this article to see what the comment was — great one!). What’s the point of stories like this? Even if it’s true, what good is it to know in advance that the entire planet is going to be blasted back to the stone age and a few silly humans are going to live in underground bunkers?

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