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America is Choking: Operation Chokepoint – Mike Maloney

from Mike Maloney:

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27 comments to America is Choking: Operation Chokepoint – Mike Maloney

  • Mike

    Another outstanding article from Mike. I will say I am surprised it took him this long to make an effort to awaken people to this issue as this is somewhat “old” news. Every effort that can be made to track currency is being made. It is a last ditch effort to save a system that is destined to failure. I would encourage everyone to TAKE the time to watch his “Hidden Secrets of Money” videos!

  • Timco

    Gold and silver are real money. I get it. I have warned people for years that all the stacking you do will be in vane. Everyone hates me for it. I guarantee the Gov. will confiscate your PM’s, make them illegal to own, tax them to high Heaven, or all of the above. Hiding your PM’s will only make the Gov. gold and silver more valuable. If this video from Maloney doesn’t prove that, you’re in denial folks. Every time you buy gold and silver online, your name is sent to the Fed’s. If you don’t believe me, ask your PM dealer.

    • Troy

      I believe you. This is one reason I sold most of my silver in 2011-2012. And when I was selling my silver to lots of people on Craigslist, they said the same thing…they don’t buy from dealers because the Fed then has your name on their list. We have Tyranny, not Democracy.

      • pipes

        Last thing, first…who the hell – in their right mind – wants “democracy”?
        As far as having tyranny goes, did you ever consider we have tyranny because of sniveling cowards who forego possessing things out of fear that TPTB may not approve of them someday? That we foolishly try and hide from their view, by divesting ourselves of that which we know – or have good reason to believe – will benefit us later?
        No…some PREFER tyranny, over freedom, as it doesn’t require courage, or a moral stand.

    • rl

      I gotta tell you Timco it makes perfect sense.
      We know they are seriously stealing anything and everything they can, right now.
      PMs in private hands will be no different I have to admit and I had never looked at it as completely as you have. I add in the story of xray into your house on this same page… a friend who knows told me he/they had it for ‘metal’ 20 years ago. No doubt they have it down to an art now.
      Pm dealer reporting is in the fine print of which I have glossed over not seeing it as you do thus far. I would not doubt that all of them do report. I sat thru one of these presentations and almost threw up by the con and lies fed to my fellows.
      As far as worhtless by decree I see no reason why it wont be as you describe if they get their way, which so far they always do. I have no doubt they will slap a bitcoin electro con currency on the table as is being mastered and rolled out in south american this week to make it complete. No coincidence i think as barter is still a way of life there unless I am wrong and credits on a card the only tender at the end of the trade cycle makes all things taxable and once again owned by the state. Electro currency can and will easily make any tangible even a piece of paper worthless and soon enough grounds for arrest; programming all the tards around you to scream terrorist of some sort or another will be easy. Your incarceration or worse courtesy of digital fiat supremacy. Which makes pms worthless in any ‘legal’ market or commerce and dangerous whether in hand or not, true enough.
      While the eternal question remians… is it a matter of if or when; hunger games or not!
      Sobering… and well done my friend.

    • Eric

      Illegal is not unlawful. There is a difference. But PMs are both legal to own and lawful money. Yep. They have my name on a list. Woop tee doo. What do they do? They offer me more credit. They are not going to confiscate PM’s nor tax them to death. And besides, taxes are voluntary (under the threat of force). Grow some balls guys.

      All the gold in the world isn’t going to save you. Life is all about balance.

      • Eric

        I can’t believe we are still on the topic about confiscation but here we go one more time.

        Only a fool would sell gold. You borrow against it, donate to charity, pass along to your heirs, gift away, use as money to purchase other items. You only pay tax when you sell for crap currency. Stop thinking in THIS dying paradigm. Think in terms of the next one. If they come to confiscate it, you’ll have bigger things to worry about than whether or not they can find your gold. If they do decide to place a giant windfall tax on PMs, that will signal a problem with the dollar. Gold is used to transition your wealth from one paradigm to the next. That’s all.

      • Eric

        Gotta make one final point. The US government is not becoming an evil empire. It already is one. Your government has declared war on you and your family. Are you going to sit there and continue to allow them to extract trillions and trillions of dollars out of this country? Everyone better think real hard about what they are prepared to do.

        • Ed_B

          I agree on all counts, Eric. As with our guns, if they come knocking or break in, it will not be for our gold or our guns… it WILL be for us… and that we cannot allow, under ANY circumstances… not ever.

          As to anything they wish to steal… if they cannot find it, they cannot steal it.

          • Eric

            Gawdamrite Ed! Not in America. We will have bigger things to think about at that point. And I won’t be handing any of my property that worked for over.

            If the Federal Asshole Inspector knocked on most peoples doors, they would bend over, drop their pants, and say “I hope everything is in order back there.”

            You can’t serve 2 masters.

  • shane

    How do you take a government back when 99% of the people are asleep and don’t want to wake up. They control the congress,military,courts and judges. they have been passing unconstitunal laws for decades. Everyone says we need to do this,we need to do that but unfortunately I believe it’s to late. they pull of these blatant false flags and hardly anyone questions. We go into these countries and kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people because we trust what these liars say! What can you do? It’s sad but true, that all you can do is protect yourself from the eventual bad outcome that will come. It really sucks to feel this way but I see no Saviors coming to rescue you or your family.
    Thanks Mike for all that you have done.

    • Ed_B

      When it gets bad enough, we will all know what to do… and it will not involve any of the current legal niceties. The Founding Fathers knew what to do when the British came looking for their guns. They realized that without weapons, they would have no way to stop tyranny… and they were right.

  • Timco

    You might want to at least read this before buying gold and silver. I’m just the messenger, so don’t shoot me.

      • Timco


        I have given it much thought. I love my family, and want to protect them, just like all of you love your family. For me personally, food, water, ammo, toilet paper are at the top of the list. When it all goes to hell, I don’t want to leave my house and get killed fighting for the last remaining food at Walmart.

        BRF makes a great point. I have followed Mike Maloney for many years. He’s a good guy. I sensed some real fear in him. That make me nervous.

        • John


          All of this brazen theft by the federal government (corporations) will someday have to be stopped by millions of voices or by force of millions. It’s really that simple. Regarding private gold and silver confiscation: what makes you think that your “food, water, ammo, toilet paper” are safe even in your own home? In addition, why wouldn’t they take the home and the shoes off your feet as well?

  • BRF

    Maloney seems the exemplar par excellance of a honest businessman, which is why his business passed this testing with flying colors. It is interesting to note Mike’s alarm and warning about the true SOTU now he has felt it’s hot breath down his neck. The Republic suffered a coup on 9/11/2001 which was finalized with the 2008 financial meltdown which ended representative government except as a charade. Since then there has been on going revision and revocation of the remnants of the old republican systems of which Mike has just felt his first direct infringement. Divide and conquer, and pick ’em off a few at a time is the old modus operandi that still works. The maintenance of the matrix constructed by the ruling class and their masters the banking aristocracy is all that matters now.

  • Timco

    Calm down. They won’t steal your gold and silver, they won’t feel up your wife at the airport, they won’t force you to buy health care and they won’t spy on your computer and cell phone.

  • Dan

    Hi BRF,

    As a long term business partner of Mike’s, I can assure that this isn’t the first time we have had to deal with overbearing government. But this really was something on an entirely new level. If you check the Wikipedia entry for Operation Chokepoint today – you can see that as of Jan 29th the operation was ‘suspended’. The video you saw was released privately to our WealthCycles subscribers on the 20th…I’d love to think that we may have had a hand in mounting some extra protest pressure to cause this suspension. But what I really think has happened, is that the light shone too brightly for a moment. The roaches hid under new rocks and are waiting for the coast to clear. Please help us out by sharing the video – hardly anyone in our industry had heard of Operation Chokepoint until today. Let’s bury it. Thanks as always to SGT for posting our videos.

  • G8

    Don’t believe the posters here that say the gov’t will confiscate your gold and silver. The reason is simple – There is no such as a THE GOV’T of the world. Only invidual countries’ government.If you are in the USA, the people hardly own any gold – so there is nothing to confiscate!

    As for dealers reporting your name – I buy from a bullion dealer, and 90% of my purchases were done, without getting my name.

    Think about the East. China is encouraging their people to own gold. WHY? Because when gold revalues to $1million per oz, their people would flood the USA and buy up everything. They will be the new employers and business owners. Do you think the USA can confiscate their gold? Where will the US gov’t find the gold to pay for our imports, when other countries will not accept our US Dollar, and want Gold?

    These anti-gold posters are SHILLS!

  • glitter 1

    I have a tendency to think/comment/draw conclusions on my view/knowledge of the broader/biger picture of where things/events are ultimately leading to.My following comment is one that I’ve made here on SGT a couple of times and although it’s not a direct correlation to this particular piece/machination,it does provide a glimpse to the road we are headed in aggregate:

    How would a cabal hell bent on creating a One World Government,which will be a Totalitarian,Socialist/Communist Regime accomplish such a goal.First you create/foster an Idealogy of Capitalism and Communism(Thesis/Antithesis) and institute these let say by the creation of nation states such as America under Capitalism then Totalitarian/Communism under Russia and then China.Now in order to foment the finality/fruition of three planned WW’s in order to bring about the Hegalian Dielectic of Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis to ultimately abolish Captitalism and merge it with Totalitarian/Socialism,you have to first create the discord between the two so that out of the ashes(WWIII)a NWO(One World Totalitarian Socialist Government can emerge.
    Why else would a NWO Wonk like George Soros Brag that” China Will Lead The NWO and America Had Better Get Use To The Idea” Why is all of the West’s Gold being allowed to be siphoned/transferred/looted East to China and a lesser extent Russia.

    These are not random acts,but are the result of a well planned,choreographed,generational sequence of events and they are on track with the end game,which is in sight.The take down of Capitalist America is the last big enchilada.As soon as the US is bankrupted lead into war,in the end all(what’s left) will be merged together into their One World Totalitarian Socialist Government(NWO Utopia,”The Great Work”)

    Oh by the way,The Elites that control the top of all Socialist/Communist Regimes are True Pure Capitalists,They own/control all the wealth,the working class gets the crumbs. All is not what it seems.Connect those DOTS.It has all been written about.It has all been Prophesied to happen,we are the generation that is witness to it.

  • Gnostic


    i agree & it’s all in the protocols of zion as well.

    • glitter 1


      The Protocols is one of my source documents,I give credit to Texe Marrs for doing an expose’ on it.Also Albert Pike’s Morals and Dogma.I just don’t understand how/why people just blow them off when they are an actual/factual blueprint/road map to world history and what is happening in current events.You can’t argue with the facts,they tell you what they have done and planning on doing,all you have to do is align the events and you get a match,case closed!

  • Timco

    The bottom line is, do what you feel is right in your heart. If you think buying PM’s is the right thing to do, then buy them. I hope you are successful. No one will fault you. Stop calling people shills, idiots and morons if they don’t share your beliefs.

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