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ALERT: Rand Paul Comes Out of the Trojan Horse… FIGHTING!

by Bix Weir, Road To Roota:

Those who understand my position on what the Good Guys tried to do with the Ron Paul’s Presidential run in 2008, the first attempted take down of the Bad Guys, are not surprised by this weekend’s “coming out party” for his son Rand…

Rand Paul Explains what the Dollar Backed By: “Used Car Loans, Bad Home Loans, Distressed Assets and Derivatives”

Rand Paul has turned his focus to another staple of the status quo – his father’s arch-nemesis, The Fed. As WSJ reports, Sen. Rand Paul unleashed a blistering attack on the Federal Reserve in Iowa on Friday evening, calling for an audit of the institution’s books and blaming it for fueling income inequality. “Once upon a time, your dollar was as good as gold,” he explained, adding “then for many decades, they said your dollar was backed by the full faith and credit of government.” Do you know what it’s backed by now? “Used car loans, bad home loans, distressed assets and derivatives.”

Let’s take a quick step back here and put this all into context:

June 2012, in the midst of his father’s run for the Presidency, Rand Paul endorsed Mitt Romney on the Sean Hannity Show basically throwing his father under the bus and declaring his love for the Republican Party. Ron Paul loyalists were up in arms and I too was questioning Rand’s motives. How could this be? Rand was basically a mini-version of his father so this move was inexplicable.

My thought at the time was that Rand was put inside a Trojan Horse of sorts to be trotted out at just the right time to help his father win the election. Here was what I wrote on the day of the announcement:

Some time in the very near future we will have the long predicted mother of all banking crashes. It will be like nothing seen before in the history of mankind. A true “Creative Destruction” event and the blame will be placed squarely on the banking cabal and the fiat monetary system. This event will have ramifications on the election process like no event has in our past. Ron Paul predicted it! Ron Paul has told you why! And Ron Paul has your solution America! Overnight Ron Paul will become the most important person in the world and a “Shoe In” for President.
So what kind of impact would a Rand Paul endorsement of his dad have prior to endorsing Romney and after endorsing him? Not much. Prior to endorsing him everyone (especially Hannity) would just say “Of course he’s going to endorse his dad so it’s not a big deal for the Tea Party at all.”

But now that he has endorsed Romney, and done it on Sean Hannity’s show getting the full buy in of Hannity what kind of impact would it have if Rand REVERSES his endorsement of Romney as the global system implodes? I believe this was a brilliant move that accomplished a few key things as we approach the GOP nomination:

1) It aligns the Tea Party with the Republican Party

2) It dispels any animosity that the Old School Republicans may have towards the Ron Paul movement.

3) It makes the reversal of Rands endorsement in favor of his father that much important.

4) It clears the path for Ron’s nomination after the Crash.

I think it was a great move and done at the right time. It was also done in the right forum to have MAXIMUM IMPACT.


Obviously, Rand never got the chance to come out of the Trojan Horse as the Republican Party pulled out all the stops to keep Ron Paul silent and ruin any chance of being elected President. The Good Guys could have crashed the system in September 2008 but they saw that the People were not ready yet so they kept Rand in that horse to come out sometime in the future…when the People WERE READY!

Friday night Rand came out of that Trojan Horse because the people are now READY!

Keep an eye on this story line for clues on the timing of the crash.

Oh – just a quick comment for all those in the Freedom Movement who believe the foolish theory that Ron Paul was working for the Bad Guys and used to divide the vote and distract the Tea Party folks…

BAHAHA! You really can’t be that gullible can you?!

Part of “waking up” is understanding when the Bad Guys are trying to steer you away from where they don’t want your loyalties to lie. If you think Ron was with the Bad Guys you need to think a little harder…a little smarter.

The latest Rand Paul statements are just another “I TOLD YOU SO!” on the Road to Roota.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir
Road To

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32 comments to ALERT: Rand Paul Comes Out of the Trojan Horse… FIGHTING!

  • Gnostic

    If he burns his yarmulke publicly I’ll believe him.

  • Michael

    This is the same guy who wants to suspend aid to Gaza. I’m with you Gnostic.

  • Gnostic


    It’s what is disturbing to many of us in the restoration of The Republic, But with all you have revealed lately in the esoteric realm, I am beginning to believe there is some other force at play which we do not understand as of yet. It is an amazing time to be alive for sure.

    • SGT

      “Spiritual warfare” isn’t really enough to sum it up is it Gnostic. That seems even too simple a phrase, from the 20,000 foot view it seems even bigger than that – the overall anti-human strategy appearing so deeply sinister and well planned.

    • Timco

      “I am beginning to believe there is some other force at play which we do not understand as of yet”. Exactly right Gnostic. I have been racking my little brain on this very thought. So glad you brought it up. If someone figures out what the hell is going on, please let us all know.

      • lastmanstanding

        The other force not understood…It’s called the forces of nature Timco.

        The earth is honest. All these satanic fucks will be wiped clean when she finally speaks…yes, many of us will probably leave as well.

        The earth works in a timely manner. The problem is, we humans are so wrapped up in how wonderful and necessary that we are…she see us as inconsequential. In 2 seconds, she could eliminate 7+ billion of us.

        We live an avg. of about 75 years, she has been around for a bit longer.

        Being an engineer, you understand where I’m coming from. Mother nature is good, she will rid herself of the trash in her time.

        “that…is how the planet works.”

    • Rusticus

      I think a lot of us are coming to the same conclusion simultaneously… feeling as if we’re on the precipice of something immense, but not being able to identify exactly what force(s) are truly at work behind the scenes.

      “May you live in interesting times.”
      -Chinese Proverb

      • Dissolution

        It’s called the end of days.

        Matt25 32: And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

        33: And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

        It is the Year of the Sheep…or of the Goat. Depending on where you sit.

        It’s not really hard to fathom, guys. It is all foretold.

        • Rusticus

          Predictive programming drivel is of little use to me. Biblical prophecy is indeed coming to pass, but I see no “spiritual other” acting out this vaudeville, merely an insane Priest class following a script. When I came into this world, “God” gave me two eyes with which to see, two ears with which to hear, a mind, and a heart. Not a book that’s been penned by the very people trying to give us pre-packaged answers to Life’s biggest questions.

          It simply ain’t that simple, simpleton. I wish it was, but it ain’t. Even if it were, I’d still count YHWH among my enemies; a vain, insecure, celestial dictator who requires me to bow to him and swear fielty for passage to the Kingdom of Heaven? Sounds more like Caesar than God.

  • Rob

    Derivatives… Its like hide the acorn under the three cups, move them all around and around and guess which one cup has it.

    The key is….There is no acorn at all. BOOM !!

  • Gnostic

    Look friends, enough bitching & moaning, I am in the process of relinquishing my birth certificate & social security #. Once you as parents sign the contract your children are not yours, they are adopted & state has ownership, they are chatel. I can get into admiralty law but i do not have the time, Do your own research.

    I will let you know of my progress.

  • Jeff

    Rand Paul…phffft

  • Eric

    Look guys. We’re really in trouble here. And…well…

    • Rusticus

      Damn straight. After trying to jail Abby Martin, supporting the TPP, being Israel’s bitch, taking money for an “exploratory electoral committee” from Karl “Mr. We Create Our Own Realtiy” Rove, and taking photo ops with George PRESCOTT Bush, it’s insane that people still take this clown seriously.

  • mark s mann

    Bix grow up! “Good Guys & Bad Guys”. Come on dude! You are still on that bullshit childish fairy tale? There are no “teams” or “sides” any more in politics….Its ALL the same scam, and it’s ALL political theatre. American government / politics is like watching professional wrestling. It’s all a joke and it’s on YOU my fellow Americans. And exactly who would fall into the category of “good guys” these days? I don’t see any in Washington. They all have their own agenda. The only interests the political class have are their own, and those of the people who put them in their positions of power. If there were any “good guys” left in the political cesspool we call our government, this country would not be circling the drain the way it is right now.

    • Yeah, it’s really that simple isn’t it? Not to mention TALK IS CHEAP.

      And here’s an interesting perspective that may just be on the money:

      Globalist Agenda Watch 2015: Update 12 – Don’t be fooled by globalist rebranding

      As I’ve shown in previous entries, the globalists seem to be positioning the “right wing dissenters” to take the political stage after the transition. This is symbolically appropriate given the whole Left Hand/Right Hand approach of the “elite.” They use the Left Hand to cause chaos and destruction and the Right Hand to bring about order and construction. It is for this reason that they’ve carefully built-up a public image of foresighted/conscientious dissent for “right wing” figures like Marine Le Pen, Nigel Farage, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz. They have also done this for “left-winger” Elizabeth Warren, so she must have some role to play in bringing the “political left” into the fold after the transition.

      All this being said, we are heading into the biggest mind f*ck that has ever been foisted upon the human race. The “elite” will be “changing the guard,” so expect them to make a big show of…

      > “taking down the wrongdoers”
      > “replacing corrupt institutions”
      > and “building a fair economic system based on sound money.” In reality, though, you’ll find the asset/commodity backing of the new currencies to be more theoretical than actual, especially when it comes to “elite”-coveted gold.

  • Timco

    This is very disturbing. I’m translating the Russian comments to get some truth.

  • glitter 1

    > The NWO is not what most think.
    > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
    > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
    China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
    > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.
    > Once you know and understand the Big Picture Plan,you can connect the Dots and
    deduce where this is all headed.
    > “The Signs Of The Times”,the Markers and Sign Posts are before us to see.The
    Controllers will not turn it back/allow it to turn back.
    > When the Great Convergence arrives,they will all go under ground and leave the
    “Profane” to swing in the breeze on their own,to fend for themselves.

    • lastmanstanding

      Well…being one of the “profane”, swinging in the breeze was never my thing.

      Always drilled the first pitch…no reason to change now.

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • Howard Roark

      …another “resistance is futile, evil is inevitable” ZOG trained goyim…

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