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A Spade can Never be Called a Spade!

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

Yesterday we looked at the situations in both Ukraine and Greece, and how they are both out of money which makes them potential “flash points” for reality to set in. What I’d like to talk about today are the various “slights of hand” and why a spade can never be called a spade.

Currently in the U.S., some (but certainly not all) of the recent economic numbers are showing an absolutely booming economy. All you need to do is look at Friday’s unemployment numbers, they were clearly bogus. The biggest driver of employment over the last five years has been the boom in the oil patch …which is now busted with 1,000′s of pink slips being handed out. BLS revised the November and December numbers to show the fastest growth of employment for any three month period …so far this century! Really? Do you believe this in any fashion at all?

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1 comment to A Spade can Never be Called a Spade!

  • George

    Bloomberg Tv and CNBC are psy-ops, just like a cia operation, a spy op or whatever…they are the Propaganda Machine of the Fed and the Banks, who control the USA…this “booming’ economic data is their tool to win your mind and perception.
    Many see thru it, but it prevails over the nation at large.
    Boycott Bloomberg and CNBC! Get on the streets and show your intelligence, and not sit back and watch your life destroyed while staring at the boob tube!

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