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5 Indigestible Gum Ingredients Used in Processed Foods

by Barbara Minton, Natural Society:

It can seem laughable in today’s world when a food manufacturer advertises his product as ‘Real Food.’ The truth is that more and more of the grocery items we used to take for granted as being real food are no longer so real. One of the latest of many examples of this is the substitution of indigestible gums for the healthy fats people have counted on for eons.

Why would a manufacturer deliberately add indigestible gum to food? Three reasons:

The use of gums makes foods feel thicker, creamier, and richer, and therefore more appealing and more likely to be purchased. Gums stabilize foods so they can maintain consistency while sitting packaged in a grocery or convenience store for months.

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1 comment to 5 Indigestible Gum Ingredients Used in Processed Foods

  • faith

    So Ms. Minton what do you recommend as a binder when baking gluten free? Xanthan gum and gaur gum are the most widely used for this purpose. Without a binder baked gf food becomes a crumbled mess. I can’t believe she overlooked this factor in writing her article and without mentioning a natural alternative.

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