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Chris Duane joins me to talk about the ridiculous spectacle of the Super Bowl – and really important topics like the battle against the Banksters in Greece, Italy and Spain as the EU falls apart. Chris who has founded, an amazing alternative to eBay, also tells us that 2015 is the Year of the Sheep for anyone who doesn’t wake up and stand up for their own personal sovereignty right now. Thanks for tuning in.

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75 comments to VICTORY IS ASSURED — Chris Duane

  • Eric

    The universe unfolds exactly as it should.

  • Eric

    I love love love my new year of the sheep coins. Seems like every time I get a new SBSS coin, it becomes the pride of my collection.

    • Silver Shield

      I did that design at 3 am in the morning after waking up with the vision of the coin in my head.
      It would not be half as cool if Heidi was not able to do what she does so well.
      I spent days putting together the 2 minute video for Year of the Sheep which I hope to release very soon.
      Thank you for your support.

      • Eric

        Great job CD. I dig the non vi virtue vici design too. I’m only missing a few. But the Trivium is still my all time favorite. I wear the shirt all the time. No one notices.

  • I know Pro sports are as crooked as the banks, but after reading, watching videos and talking to any one willing to listen (not many will listen) about all corruption, chem trails, vaccines, false flags… the long, long list of all that’s wrong in the country & world. All the things that you talk about Sean and Chris. So tell me why is it so terrible to take a couple hours a week and forget about all the crap and watch a meaningless game with ones family or friends! Good grief guys, everyone needs down time even from the news about collapse. We spend every waking min. working the problems worrying and Preparing. Were Americans and Americans love football. Nothing wrong with that.

  • goof

    2nd down, 2 feet to the goal line and a super bowl win…….. who throws the ball???
    and into a crowd at that !!!

    Idiot idiot idiot……………..

    • SGT

      I watched while editing the call with Chris D, I feel for Seahawks fans, but they know now how Packers fans felt two weeks ago. But that was horrible, deplorably bad clock management with :25 seconds on the clock and one one time out left.

  • Jeff

    Hey Sean. Listening to this now. Thanks for the hat-tip earlier and for the shout-out.

    • SGT

      sure, and thank you Jeff!

      • Jeff

        Great interview as always. CD’s perspective on what is happening in Greece is clear-headed and sobering.

        The stuper bowl ending was as bad as it gets. How in the world does anybody make that call? Keeping the ball on the ground is the only thing to do especially with a league leading RB. Lots of commentators on this site and others talk about the fix. It makes you wonder.

  • The “eye of the needle” was a small back or side gate in walled cities of old.

    • Kim

      Correct and not a needle (and thread).

    • KSKing

      Correct. And in order to get the camel through the gate one had to remove the cargo from it’s back, then get it on it’s knees and have it crawl through. So the message is clear; rid yourself of your material things and humble yourself. Which goes hand in hand with the parable of the rich ruler.

      Even though I think ultimately it is the lust for control/power that is driving the world towards destruction. TPTB use the love of wealth, which in the USA is now just open Greed, to manipulate the masses. If humanity is going to correct it’s course it must change it’s focus from the accumulation of wealth/things.

  • pete

    there is a collectivist solution and i would like to see SGT report start posting about it. Ubuntu contributionism deserves your attention. this might be a utopian society ideal but why shouldn’t we strive for that. please set up an interview with Michael Tellinger and use your platform to help spread this positive possibility. Ubuntu though not truly a political movement has now set up political parties in over 200 countries and will have hundreds of candidates in the coming uk elections in may. this is serious! this may not be good news for your personal silver stack but it would be good news for humanity and the planet. money whether real or paper or digits on a computer screen will always corrupt weak men and psychos. sadly there are too many weak men and psychos in positions of power. remove their money remove their power.

  • Johan

    I dont believe me and Chris Duane share the same view of what the collapse is going to entail.

    He says 36 people own as much as the next 3 billion. But thats now before the collapse, imagine afterwards.
    Guarenteed victory is a nice thought but anyone who survives the collapse should be happy.
    TPTB arent just going to settle for what they have but are going to pick up what’s left of the ashes after the collapse and implement ‘their’ solutions.
    With all the demonstrations that will occur they will have the excuse to declare martial law and military/police will take over.
    With their view on climate etc they are going to implement agenda-21 regulations.

    Anyone who opposes will be shot. How can you fight this when you will be fighting to just keep food on the table for your family?

    All the jobs in the US are already shipped abroad and it wont get any better soon.
    I think Chris Duane has romantic view of the aftermath. But I sure hope his right.

    • NIX

      I agree with Johan and Gnostic but i still think that this NWO is a pipe dream .IMO what Criss is talting about is bigger than us ,2 forces are going to collide with eachother and the end result is going to be messy, I got that, people are going to be fighting for food but in the future AS THEY SAY WE’RE ALL GOING TO FLY CARS RIGHT!

    • Silver Shield

      Who is going to pull the trigger when everyone’s pensions, saving and paycheck go to 0?
      Their entire empire is built on the dollar.
      Their generals, soldiers, bankers, politicians, officers, bureaucrats, workers, inspectors etc. are not ideologically motivated they are loyal to the almighty dollar.
      When it collapses, so to does their power structure.

      • Johan

        Even without the dollar the military will still be there. They will get paid in whatever deemed nescessary to take back control.

        Even if your right there’s still the chance about having foreign military come in and restore checkpoints.

        Im afraid that after the dust settles the sheeple will crawl back to the wolfs begging for law and order.

    • Ed_B

      “With all the demonstrations that will occur they will have the excuse to declare martial law and military/police will take over.”

      OK, so they declare martial law and we declare F*** YOU! The US military fractures between those who take their oath to the US Constitution seriously and those who do not. This will not be a fractured civilian population against a united military but patriots of all kinds against tyrants.

  • Gnostic

    I have long been a student of Chris’ work, I even have his bumper sticker on my vehicle. however, just walking away & small community groups will not cut it. Believing that they are incompetent & have over stepped their bounds and will collapse as a result of their greed is naive.

    This cabal is devious, vicious, Internationally organized & they are relentless & we need to be too. Anything short is frivolous.

    This battle goes back 1000’s of years.

    • Silver Shield

      The cabal has always worked in secret and even up until 9/11 have been able to get away with just about anything. Humanity is rapidly becoming aware of their old bag of tricks. Individuals here but more importantly leaders in Russia, China, Iran etc are waking up.

      Not only a consciously aware actors but at a time of the largest collapse in money, a global, generational, debt based Ponzi scheme built off of debt and death. This will shift power from the banksters and their cronies to those that have real friends, real skills and real wealth.

      This means that there are actors that are actively preparing for the collapse of the unsustainable. New decentralized, multipolar world will result from the fracture.

      I cannot begin to fathom how bad the translation is going to be but those that get to the other side with their wealth and honor intact will be the ones to establish a new way of life based on the lessons that were burned in their souls from the collapse.

  • anon

    We need to continue to awaken the (domesticated U.S.) POLICE AND MILITARY, before the “elites” decide to use them against the American people in a BIG way. Why? Once the Western International Central Bankers & their allies begin feeling the effects of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa) and the NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Countries trading with each other, outside the USD/FRN (“Federal” “Reserve” Note) – they will drop the charade here at home, and you’ll see full-tilt, in-your-face TYRANNY. They will also very likely use foreign troops, as well – no doubt soldiers from other countries that have been indoctrinated to hate Americans, due to what they perceive to be some aspect of America’s foreign policy abroad – when, in reality – said foreign policy is that of the Western International Central Bankers and all their Allies, who have controlled and used Americans during the entirety of the 20th Century to amass as much wealth for themselves as they possibly could – increasingly so, in the last half of the 20th Century, right up to today. The Greed and Corruption is OFF THE CHARTS. For more historical perspective, go here:

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

    Read ALL the comments, view/read/listen to ALL content.

  • anon

    I read somewhere, recently, that the most dangerous threat to dictators is the firm belief in God, gold, and guns. (I’d change that to God, silver, some gold, and guns.)


    Jay Taylor: Super Deflationary Depression May Be Looming – The Daily Bell

  • NIX


    @ 20:03 i am happy that you found the light, you know how i feel about Savior, Fuck man YOU are the savior and (YOU know what to do!) You are doing it as we speak with SGT that will sound cliche but WE are the ONE this is what people like Criss are trying to tell us don’t give up ,EVER! ,keep going peace brother.

    • SGT

      Peace NIX, I assume you mean that no “man” can save us, i.e. Ron Paul – but to clarify further: I’d be lost w/o recognition of the Divine architecture in the universe. To me it’s as evident in Creation as any skyscraper surely also has a designer. Perfection is never achieved purely by chance. The double helix is perfect – and far, far more complex than a skyscraper (though Monsanto and Transhumanist endeavors seek to corrupt it). It may sound trite, but Spiritual warfare is real – and those who opposes us worship very dark spirits indeed. And for those who believe in nothing but chance and happy accidents like Richard Dawkins, how lost they must feel. I don’t force my views down people’s throats though, and respect those who care to debate it.

      • NIX

        I agree that we all connect we are spiritual , this forced journey against our nature canot work that’s why so many of our fellow human are lost (cognitive dissonance) is a mecanism of protection for the mind (doubt,fear) and that uneasy feeling is only going to grow,IMO we CANOT debate universal laws ”bigger they are bigger they fall” and they know that they resort to chemical so we can”function” against our will. Good luck with that too!

        PS: believe me there are verry smart people out there playing along, whatever it is controll opposition ,trolls are there for a purpose AND I am my best exemple (it woke me up)

        • NIX

          About Mosanto: close your eye and picture me in the future, i am going to be some pissed- off ALIEN **try to stop that!** 🙂 ( laugh to wish you a good day )

  • B.M.

    I like what’s being said as well, however, feel as many here do that defeating the cabal won’t be that easy or straightforward. Consider this. What if the elite are so cunning that they are actually the ones setting up the entire BRICS system? Putin, China, India, etc., are all in on “the NWO game” that’s being pulled over all of our eyes.

    In essence, the West is being portrayed as the evil empire while Russia, China, India, Brazil, etc., are being portrayed as the good guys who are coming up with a new system. What we may well find out, though, is that the “new” BRICS System is actually the NWO system in disguise and all the sheeple of the world are being lead to believe it’s an alternative.

    Think about what we all know. The elite bankers in Russia, China and the West essentially are in business with each other, and Putin, Obummer, Merkel, Hollande, etc. all work for them. And…it’s a fact that Russia, China, India, etc., all have Rothschild established/sponsored banks. The West goes to war with Russia & China, a phony war planned out by the oligarch families in the West & East in coordination, billions are killed off as a result, the U.S. is brought to it’s knees, and the new BRICS system is established and implements a new, “fairer” electronic currency and one world governing body to manage world affairs.

    Mission accomplished on all fronts for the oligarchs and no one, even in the alternative media, saw it coming.

    This is exactly what Joel Skoussen and Dave Hodges believe, West & East (BRICS) carrying out an acting game for NWO agenda, and I’m beginning to believe the same. Not saying this is fact, just putting it out there as something very real to consider.

    • Johan

      We cant even afford consider it. It would make any effort to do anyhing pointless. And we cannot afford to give up hope.

      The only wars we should fight are the ones against our own goverments.

      • Ed_B

        Agreed. The moment anyone imbues the elites with invincible power, it’s GAME OVER. So, let’s not go there, OK? Instead, let’s do all we can to trip these people up and push them onto the ash-heap of history where they rightfully belong.

      • Gnostic


        Your hypothesis is spot on, The transformation of power East is the final plan for the Jew World Order, However, like I have said many times, The Chinese are more snake like than even the Jewish moneylenders. They may be playing the game now, but in the end, when the time is right they will double cross The Jewish bankers, Either way,the common man loses, but at least we may see Chinese justice imposed upon the criminal bankers who have caused so much pain & suffering to humanity. IMHO

  • Hugo

    Hi Sean and sgt report team,

    Nice interview for sure gents. But finally I can disagree a bit on a positive note (smile). I do see the Greek situation as positive including the current leadership. The one responsible for renegotiating the Greek debt says he is a libertarian and a communist in one. As a bonus a game theory / (multiple) prisoners dilemma game expert. He is openly stating that he knows that co-operation is between both parties is best but that he wont fold if they want to call his bluff. On the other hand he states he likes individualism.

    I never ever heard someone say anything near that. For as what mr Duane states rightly, Greece is quite a communistic country. They said no to free stuff….. For a communistic country that is huge. All that without going Neoliberal. To me it seems they are better positioned now then the Icelandic people are.

    Ofcourse Ill keep a critical look at Greece but I sense the people there are wising up. Do not underestimate how much they have been suffering. The people learned there is nothing one can expect from the state like the people in Chile did (it seems to me).

    Is it perfect? Nope, but sadly us normal people as a species are not perfect, otherwise we would still/again live in paradise. Maybe be I like to see it as some hope. You can be sure Id be critical about the road the Greek country representatives will move to now.

    I say, all in all, the Greek stuff is positive on balance. Yes, I say that even though the Dutch people (yeah I come from there) are one of the biggest lenders to Greece when they still accepted ”bail outs”. Guess the ordinary fom the country I live in still need to learn the lesson them people already learned.

    regards, Hugo

  • Really enjoy your interviews, SGT, and always enjoy hearing from Chris. Looking back at all the pies he’s had a finger in, I honestly don’t know how he’s done it. I wish him continued success, and I hope this book continues to flow effortlessly. Even if it takes longer than he originally thought, he should definitely let it keep flowing, and not settle for anything less than a finished work he can have no regrets about. Both keep up the good work, gentlemen.


    I am an editor of the UBUNTU PARTY UK facebook page.I have posted several of SGT’s interviews including this one.I post a Chris Duane vid almost daily.

  • Gnostic

    Bill Still Good News From Canada

    Victory in Bank of Canada decision. Bill Still is saying that the decsion, unless appealed, states that the Central Bank must return to issuing debt-free money. Apparently there is a nation-wide press blackout on this case.

  • Angry Canadian

    re. Gnostic -> Bill Still Good News

    Thanks Gnostic, that’s very interesting. I’ve been furious at our Canadian governments and banks over the last 30 years.

    And I enjoyed the SGT report with Chris Duane over Greece but surprised there was no discussions on possible financing from Russia.

  • The kingdom of God is a form of government. A government all men of good will can agree to and work toward. First, we must rid ourselves of all man-made law and man-made religion. Burn your idols (false concepts of the Creator). When you begin to understand a g-o-d is a rulemaker, one who makes rules for others (believers), it starts to make sense. A false g-o-d is one who lies and usurps authority.

    Consider Ezekiel 14 …

    • Gnostic

      Govern^Ment Govern=Control Mental=Mind

      Yahweh the man god is a control freak

      Ex 15:3

      • And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
        Genesis 1:3

        Lucifer = Lux = Light

        As Above, So Below.

        Religion = Relegare = To tie back, bind, hold steadfast, chain down

        Etymology is a fascinating thing, indeed.

        YHWH proves himself to be a lying, manipulative scumbag in the opening pages of the Caananite polytheistic book of Genesis, yet the Cult of Human Sacrifice of the Trinity religions lives on. Don’t mean to piss on anyone’s security blanket, but Christians who feel they are “awake” will be among the most dangerous people to be around when things go South. When the Predictive Programming of Revelations begins and the Savior is absent, who knows what these people will do.

        • Gnostic


          YHWH proves himself to be a lying, manipulative scumbag, you are being too kind.

          • Eric

            And the kosher bread i had must not have been blessed by the rabbi enough because it burned pretty easily in the toaster!

            • Jacobson

              No one ever forced you to buy a Kosher bread.
              But if you bought one, you can know for sure that the bread is safe to eat,
              the factory is clean and gives a day off to all workers.

              Go to the Church and get a Jesus-Bread into your mouth.
              Open big big mouth to the priest…….

              • Eric

                What’s a jeebus bread?

                It was pretty good actually. I like the trader joes orange juice too because it’s the only oj I can find that isn’t pasteurized. I just hate paying the tax for something I strongly disagree with. Plus it is totally unnecessary. We have such strict food safety laws, anything that is sold in a store is already safe to consume. I dont need a rabbi to bless it. It’s a big scam.

                Time to plant more seeds.

  • FreeJack

    Yes….apparently the same retarded 20 commenters agree…..over and over…..

    WOW….Chris Duane + SGT = Fucking Retarded….

    • Eric

      Brilliant FreeJack. Very insightful comment. How long did that one take you to come up with?

    • Gnostic

      “The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it”

      – George Orwell

      • Eric

        Yep. And…

        “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” -Arthur Schopenhauer

    • Silver Shield

      I try very hard to kill my ego everyday and I fear no criticism but there is nothing to go on here FreeJack. Got any specifics to go off of? 😉

      • Gnostic


        You as a past life salesman ought to spot when someone is kicking tires. Don’t waste your time with freejack, he is a Judeo-Masonic shill, which I have already exposed in past posts.

  • Willie

    Read Selco on the collapse of Yugoslavia… Some good lessons to be learned there.

  • JMiller

    Sorry but after looking at Chris Duane’s I would not call it an AMAZING alternative to eBay. It is just one of a number of alternatives and I did not find it to be the best.

    • Gnostic


      As I have said to you in the past feck off, You will not have your Jew World Order, it is dying as we speak.

      • JMiller


        You reply has nothing to do with what I said and is of no value to anyone. And I never saw were you said to me in the past to, as you say, “feck off”. I would have remembered those words if you did. So do us all a favor and act more like an adult who has some intelligence.

      • Jacobson

        Yo Gnostic,
        Right now we have a christian world order – white christian countries are living good and all the rest are in war, slavery or poverty.

        Things are about to change, I wonder how many parasite americans will adapt without junkfood, cheap clothing and tidy streets.
        Ready ?

        • Eric

          Are you anti white Jacob?

          Not many to answer your question. They will adapt but it won’t be easy for most of them. Many will starve or simply lose it. How many Israelis are prepared to get bombed into extinction? Something tells me very few in this world are preparing for the worst. It doesn’t really matter where you live. Nobody is immune. Hope everyone is ready for credit to dry up and the supply chain to break down.

          • Yo, Jacobson, We do not have a “christian world order”. What we are looking at is a judeo-christian world order, heavy on the Judeo – iow, churchianity. It idiotic to think you can combine two things that are so diametrically opposed. I would bet a dollar to a donut you’ve never even met a Christian.

            • Jacobson

              Yo messianicdruid,
              I met more christians than you think and I went to more countries around the world than the countries inside u.s that you have been.

              Why I say “Christian world order”?
              Beacuse the christian-white-western countries are doing very well,
              The rest of the world is enslaved to your good good lifestyle.
              Don’t forget that everytime you put a chocolate bar in your mouth,
              or before you cry about other things in u.s .
              Take a trip to Africa, the middle east or Asia – you would have to prepare yourself before.

          • Jacobson

            No Eric, I’m not anti-white.
            But, only the white christian countries are enjoying the fruits while the rest of the world works hard and gets nothing.
            Only white christians are crying “collapse” while the rest of the world had the collapse long long time ago.

            How many Israelis are prepared ?
            More than you think,
            More than americans (relatively).
            And I didn’t write about NUKES, I wrote about the “COLLAPSE”.

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