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Why I DON’T Think “Gray State” Director David Crowley Was Assassinated

from The News Doctors:

As many of you probably know by now, David Crowley, the writer/director behind the planned feature film “Gray State,” was found dead along with his wife and 5 year old daughter over the weekend in what appears to be a murder-suicide that happened around Christmas. I hesitate to even bring some of this stuff up and get involved in this whole ordeal in the wake of such a tragedy, but there’s been SO MUCH conspiracy theorizing surrounding his death that I really feel I should say something. Because for several reasons I just don’t think he was assassinated. I hope to God that he and his family were killed in a botched home invasion or something like that, because I liked Crowley, but honestly… I have a bad feeling that the whole “murder-suicide” angle the media has been reporting is exactly right.

I actually knew David Crowley. Not incredibly well, really, but he was a fellow libertarian filmmaker and someone I would have counted as a casual friend.

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7 comments to Why I DON’T Think “Gray State” Director David Crowley Was Assassinated

  • Gnostic

    I agree,

    LOOK at the names Crowley, Mason, this is a psyop. Look at the main characters, Alex Jones, Dice, Kokesh, Jews or Jew employees.

    • rl

      I think Im there with you Gnos, wont spend any time on it to bother but smells like kosher brand cowshit to me. Some one said, ‘whats makes you think the alt comminity isnt played on the same scale as the rest’… which was a swallow that one for a second deal because they therefore can be given the attribute of ever present… tentacles full of time and money never in question in other deeds, so this doable and seen as necessary.
      Well, seems this one shows they have more than enough workers on the crisis actor payroll and part of the butt monkey brigade of jones, dice, kokesh , and no doubt a hundred others worthy of a nice new rope.
      Phsychos for dollars turned into shekels are a dime a dozen we are beginning to see.
      Not a pretty picture but good to face for what it is.
      This guy,
      This movie,
      This story…
      Fell out of the sky.
      Past A non starter and diversionary tales christened with more on the way at all doors for those who wish to be lead through them. If it were true by some chance it will never be known either, so let em have fun is my take anymore.
      It will bring what it will bring and in the end we know what that is.
      Controlling both sides of the game seems more important than ever to them, and is why this invention is here; duly noted.
      Hell, we even got our own troll somebodys son playing and getting action…

      • Rainmaker

        I have always wondered 10-15-20 years ago during development how much analysis would be put into the ALT as we know it. How much of it is controlled? Probably a whole lot. Anywho, this link is the entire uncut movie and its still not down……………..

    • Title should have been Why I DON’T Think “Gray State” Director David Crowley Was Assassinated and Why I DO Think He and His Family Are Probably Not Even Dead

      Update! “Justice For David Crowley” FB Page Censored & Posts Deleted? What’s Going On?

  • Johan

    The link doesn’t get me to the article

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