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Why do McDonald’s french fries have 19 ingredients in them?

from Intellihub:

From anti-foaming agents, to chemicals used to make shampoo and children’s toys, simple McDonald’s french fries contain 19 ingredients. Although there may be nothing simple about them.

While most french fries that are actually natural only contain two ingredients, the potato and the oil they are fried in, the McDonald’s brand seems to have something far more sinister going on with them.

Duplicates on the ingredient list signify a different part of the cooking process and are doubled up on purpose.

Here is the list of ingredients as follows:

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4 comments to Why do McDonald’s french fries have 19 ingredients in them?

  • MrPappaFace

    My French fries are made with just two ingredients, potatoes and canola oil. I’ll have to add a anti Foaming agent it sounds so yummy.

  • Jacobson

    They can add whatever they want to their food.
    The question is Why people eat it ?

    I can put 100 different kinds of food on the table –
    But it’s you who decide what to eat.

    Or as my grandma used to say:
    “The food belongs to God, but the mouth belongs to you”

  • Andy

    Is this why they don’t decompose? Is this also why if you throw them to the birds They won’t touch them?
    In fact nothing eats Mc Donald’s fries other than The brain dead, and if Your not brain dead it will certainly speed up the process.
    I just love the way Mr Smiley tries to educate us dumb asses that 19 mostly toxic ingredients don’t constituents them as being
    “Frankenfries” oh… And one last thing he forgot to tell you they are mostly GMO.

  • hal

    Lol I didnt even realize until the very end that this was actually a type of promotional defense of the ingredients rather than a consumer beware type of thing…now that I know better, though, I think Ill go grab a super size big mac meal! DIET COKE PLEASE!

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