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When The World Monetary System Collapses, Life Will Go On

from KingWorldNews:

Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus was a Roman politician and general who lived between 280-203 B.C. He came to fame during the years when Hannibal was ravaging the Roman armies and countryside. After the disastrous battle of Lake Trasimene during which another consular army was wiped out by Hannibal, a panicked Roman Senate called upon Fabius to take over the defense of the state. Fabius was given the rarely used power of Dictator….

Instead of confronting Hannibal, Fabius’ tactic was to delay which earned him the Latin name, “the Cunctator”. Fabius knew that the Carthaginians possessed superior military capabilities. In addition, he felt that the Roman gods had been disrespected leading up to the Trasimene disaster. His first step was to order massive sacrifices and musical festivals. It was also reported that he ordered each Roman to spend precisely 333 denarii and sesterces, the coinage at the time, another superstitious act.

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