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West Troubled By Latest Russian Move & Where Sovereigns Are Bidding The Gold Market

from KingWorldNews:

It appears that Russia is now cutting off gas supplies to key nations in Europe. This situation could really escalate. This will have a serious impact on supplies of natural gas in Europe. It will most likely escalate the geopolitical tensions in that area as well.

Clearly this is Putin pushing back against the West’s encirclement of Russia. Putin will argue this is justified because Ukraine is siphoning off the Gazprom gas. He is justified in making that claim because there is a long history of Ukraine stealing Russian gas.

So it’s a bit of a complex web but this is the type of event that will have a major impact not just on the economies of Europe, who have enough problems already, but more importantly on geopolitical stability.

William Kaye continues @

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1 comment to West Troubled By Latest Russian Move & Where Sovereigns Are Bidding The Gold Market

  • gary h.

    was wondering when Putin would make his next move on the Z-big-newinski,Henri Kiss of death-inger,the Rocky fella’s,& the house of [Rothschild] cards global chessboard..only one question
    why & what took him so long,is that Putin has all his major chess pieces still on the chess board,so he is sitting back waiting for the opposition’s next move,as well do the Chinese..either power “could” take down the Pax Americana Hegemonic empire at any time,by simply selling off/dumping their T-bonds,but China loses it’s by far biggest customer for it’s exported goods..Russia needs NOTHING from the U.S.,nor does China really for that matter,& Washington well knows it,but Washington must have things from Russia,& need nothing more than the uranium we buy from make the bombs we use to blow up the world’s surely & certainly a complicated,satanic mess..
    you can surely bet,unabated,non-stop strategizing is going on behind closed doors 24/7..
    my guess is TPTB certainly want to destroy the crumbling,quickly becoming more wothless dollar ASAP,but the timing of the event is of utmost importance,as certainly TPTB want the collapse to occur on their timetable[not Russia’s or China’s]the Zanksters[Zionist banksters] must be able to install their one world currency wet dream,which will cement in place their all encompassing stranglehold domination on total world power & wealth,that can NEVER again be challeged by any earthly enity..
    2 huge problems still remain,2 problems that certainly have a different perspective on that one world currency,& most importantly who controls it,& would guess the controllers are set to be AIPAC,Washington,Israel,& the non-federal no-reserve corporation owners/shareholders..only 2 problems with their NWO plan
    Russia & China
    and one more thing..
    with the F-35 an abysmal failure,a convential war against either one of them,[or more likely both at the same time] is now out of the question[at least from what we know, but who knows what incredible conventional weapons,and/or space weapons have been invented,assembled,& ready to go,that we don’t even know about yet,& the fact that a all out nuclear world world war,will destroy the planet[no folks..underground bunkers & the Artic heirloom seed bank will not save the elite in the final equation] from my vantage point nukes are a no-go..
    so fasten your seat belt ..
    we ARE indeed living in..we are there..aka..the interesting times the Chinese proverb hopes we may live in during our lifetime visit here on the mortal coil earth..

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