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To Ring in the New Year With a Bang: Wipe Out Wall Street

“Whether it happens in Greece or Spain or Italy, this is the endgame for Europe.” — Matt O’Brien • Dec. 29th, 2014— WAPO Blog

from LaRouche PAC:

The Economist yesterday joined the ranks of those Wall Street and City of London hysterics who are admitting that the trans-Atlantic financial system is bankrupt and about to blow up.

The upcoming January elections in Greece are being widely described as the “Lehman Brothers” and “Bear Stearns” moments for Europe, with the expectation that the ousting of the current Troika-run Greek government will lead to similar anti-euro revolts in Italy, Spain and France.

Across the Atlantic, inside the United States, the continuing crash of oil prices, engineered from London and Riyadh, is providing yet another detonator to an imminent blowout of the entire system, with an expectation of 300,000 jobs being lost if the price collapse continues much longer. These are the mere detonators. The real issue, as emphasized by Lyndon LaRouche repeatedly in recent days, is that the entire Wall Street system is hopelessly bankrupt. It cannot be saved and the problem is compounded by the “fracking idiots” on Wall Street whose stupidity and incompetence cannot be over-estimated or ignored.

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