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They See It Coming…Ready or Not?

by Bill Holter, Miles Franklin:

2014 was a year of posturing. The U.S. “postured” by trying to lure Mr. Putin and Russia into a war. First it was over Syria and then later over Ukraine. The Russians postured by not taking the bait and buying time. Yes, Russia has suffered with a devaluing currency, lower oil revenues, and an economy running on less than eight cylinders. China has stayed out of the public spotlight during this period but privately stood behind Russia, I will explain this a bit later.

I mentioned “buying time”, by necessity, Russia has done this as a tactic I believe to slow down the implosion of the Western financial system. On the face of it, I know this sounds ridiculous …why would Russia want to prolong the Western system. The answer is very simple, they, nor China were ready. They may not even be fully “ready” now but at least the financial infrastructure is in place for when it does happen.

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