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The Year US-led Fraud Became Exposed as Root of Global Conflict

by Finian Cunningham, My Cat Bird Seat:

Historians may look back on 2014 as a defining watershed in geopolitical events, the year when the limit of American power was exposed as a waning entity and the contemporary root of global conflict.

It was the centennial anniversary of the First World War when Great Powers back then were similarly exposed in their attempts to offset inevitable demise through war. In the early 20th Century, Britain in particular was a dying hegemon, beset by rivalries from an emerging Germany and the loss of its Empire. The US was but a vigorous new power back then, which Britain was fortunately able to hitch its ailing condition to. One hundred years later, the US resembles the erstwhile British power, scrambling to maintain its former glory as the world’s foremost power.

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1 comment to The Year US-led Fraud Became Exposed as Root of Global Conflict

  • anon

    Quote from the article: “The challenge is to fully expose, at a global level of awareness, the root cause of conflict that has emerged as evident over the past year – US-led western capitalism.”

    We don’t have true “capitalism” in the U.S. We have RIGGED markets. ALL markets in the U.S. are RIGGED. There is no true price discovery in a “free and open market- place,” because there is no “free and open marketplace,” as ALL MARKETS ARE RIGGED. We have MONOPOLISTS, and OLIGARCHS, not capitalists, in the U.S. In the U.S., we have a marriage between Huge Transnational or Multinational Corporations (including TBTF/TBTJ Banks) and Governments – which is FASCISM, NOT Capitalism.

    So, the cause or root problem is: US-led Western (Globalist) FASCISM.

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