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The Year of Dollar Danger for the World

by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph:

America’s closed economy can handle a surging dollar and a fresh cycle of rising interest rates. Large parts of the world cannot. That in a nutshell is the story of 2015.

Tightening by the US Federal Reserve will have turbo-charged effects on a global financial system addicted to zero rates and dollar liquidity.

Yields on 2-year US Treasuries have surged from 0.31pc to 0.74pc since October, and this is the driver of currency markets. Since the New Year ritual of predictions is a time to throw darts, here we go: the dollar will hit $1.08 against the euro before 2015 is out, and 100 on the dollar index (DXY).

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1 comment to The Year of Dollar Danger for the World

  • george

    Well, speculating on the uSD by a well know analyst here…
    Maybe someone could just simply point out: the US dollars’ quoted value is based only on what other cirrencies are doing. The dollar is 57.6% weighted against the Euro, 13.6% against the Yen and 11.9% against the Pound – 3 other currencies also are in the basket (CDN 9.1%; Swede 4.2% Swiss 3.6%).
    POINT: the Euro is trash and falling apart, the European politicians are puppets of the UK-USA, all bought and paid for! Traitors. And Jap is beyond Puppet status, it is in “slave” status, they have no ability to do anything but follow orders (Japan is still an “occupied country” – as is Germany!). Japan prints insane amounts of paper money and buys US debt, dollars and stocks. Crazy maniacs! They are turning even Pension Funds into investments in Japanese and US stocks and bonds funds too! Too far gone. Well, the Pound – @ 11.9 % it is not so powerful against the USD, but is maipulated to give whatever price the US-UK wants for their secret purposes.
    The dollar is high cuz these puppet countries make it so, not really b/c of “real and true” fundamentals. US is bankrupt many times over. The US is hated in much of the world. So it is the “King”? Really…?

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