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The Upcoming Able Danger Leak — Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is a “Particle Physicist” for the IAEA and DOE, investigative team leader for Able Danger

from Veterans Today:

This is a treasure trove of 9-11 nuclear related information here, which appears to be a “prelude” to the Able Danger/Cheney revelations to come out (see this prior post).

A few things that stood out for me from this one are the clear evidence for the use of nuclear devices from

  1. Analyzed dust samples which contained barium, strontium, zinc, all nuclear explosion by-products
  2. After-effects, like the blue glow (Cerenkov radiation), which was veiled by shining two blue “memorial” lights around the WTC 1/2 demolition area
  3. EMP effects (Electro-Magnetic Pulse), which result from a nuclear explosion.

So enjoy this rather extensive mine of data from Jeff and Gordon.

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1 comment to The Upcoming Able Danger Leak — Jeff Smith

  • thomas

    When they can explain how 14 firemen trapped on the 2nd floor of stairwell B
    of the North tower survived a nuclear explosion directly underneath them then I will consider the possibility of this theory until then I will continue to listen to the evidence presented by Dr Judy Wood.

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