The Phaserl


The other 1%—Ready, Relaxed and Right

by Dr. Jerome, TF Metals Report:

In Turd’s absence, I thought I’d start typing and see what comes out, because we must have new reading, new stimulation, and somewhere to post our ideas, somewhere that is not five or six pages deep in a website.

School began this week for me, increasing my stress levels, demanding my time. I had also committed to work for a local tax preparer for the season to make some extra fiat. After our first staff meeting at the tax service, my wife and I took our new old car to the mechanic to see about replacing a motor mount and sealing a transmission leak. While we were chatting with the mechanic and admiring his large collection of exotic parrots and cockatoos, the price of gas came up and I got on my soapbox and began preaching that this is not a good sign, and not good for the economy. Then I felt strange. I recognized that I was about to black out and looked for a chair…

I was dreaming about renovating a house in Colorado when I felt myself being awakened. I opened my eyes and stared at a dirty shop floor with a large pool of blood under my face. I became lucid as my wife and the mechanic helped me to stand up. They began applying first aid to stop the bleeding as I realized what happened.


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