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The New York Federal Reserve Has Signaled the End of the Dollar Is Near

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Ultimately, this article is written for individuals who are naive enough to believe that 2015 will look and feel like 2014. The banksters have positioned world events, both militarily and economically, to make 2015 a pivotal year in world history.

Goldman Sachs Leads the Charge to Armageddon

Twenty one months ago, in response to the undeniable Goldman Sachs chicanery with regard to the manipulation of the gold market, I wrote the following:

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3 comments to The New York Federal Reserve Has Signaled the End of the Dollar Is Near

  • Eric

    Near it is indeed. We just have to be “patient” and drop the “considerable time” language.

  • The Truth

    I also believe as does Frank Zak that real estate will hold its value, because people will not have gold to run to so they will buy land and real estate. The problem with this is you are still subject to paying taxes and must have the money or income to keep that property. With gold you do not have such obligation because even if the law changes, you can bury it or find the black market for it.

    The next housing crash will be in the middle of 2020-2030. That is when you either hold your property or sell it around 2023-2026 and buy back again since we will be in the spring cycle of the kondratieff cycle. Housing prices are already on the rise as I knew they were bottoming between 2013-2016. Another 10yrs and they will be bottoming again and getting ready to be really inflated in the spring cycle. Do not be FEARful of buying real estate, the Chinese certainly are not. An inflated dollar means that your asset will have to be marked to market or higher even if a new currency comes to fruition.

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