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The Gold Market Has Finally Turned & This Leg Will Lead To A Parabolic Rise

from KingWorldNews:

A glance at the (monetary) history books leads us to a clear conclusion: the fundamental arguments in favor of gold are more convincing than ever. The efficacy of monetary policy measures becomes ever more questionable, risks are rising. Mohamed El-Erian compares the behavior of central bankers to that of a pharmaceutical company that forces the market to take a medication that has never before been clinically tested. Investors should not only focus on the near-term successes of the treatment, but also consider the long-term side effects.

In the middle of the 19th century, the laws of thermodynamics provided the formal foundation for the understanding that it is impossible to create energy out of nothing. Analogous to this, central banks and governments are currently trying to create an increase in prosperity out of nothing. Such a monetary perpetuum mobile would be quite desirable for humankind, however, historically such attempts have at best led to a brief sugar high followed by a major hangover.

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