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Silver Squelchers Part 9: And Their Interesting Associates

by Charles Savoie, SRS Rocco:

The Pilgrims Society Is An Influence Network Of Transnational Cartelists—A Controlling Organization—Of Wealthy Globalists—Many Descended From Old Royalty—Who Have Wreaked Tremendous Monetary And Warfare Havoc On The World For Over A Century—All While Hiding In The Dark As An Organization! It Is The Leadership Committee Of Many Other Globalist Organizations To Which Attention Is Being Misdirected!

Astor was a confirmed gold and silver stealer—notes issued by this dishonest central bank could only be converted into gold or silver at the branch most distant from the issuing branch! Eleuthere Du Pont was the second wealthiest director of the second U.S. Bank after the departure of Stephen Girard. Vincent Astor (1891-1959; Pilgrims Society) took Franklin Roosevelt on a yachting excursion in February 1933. As soon as FDR entered the White House in March 1933, he declared a “bank holiday” and seized gold from the public! Strangely, The Pilgrims Society inner circle (including Astor) waited 17 months to use FDR to also seize silver, on August 9, 1934.

That was just after the Silver Purchase Act of 1934, so FDR could shift some blame to Congress. Vincent Astor was a director of the silver suppressing Chase National Bank—

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2 comments to Silver Squelchers Part 9: And Their Interesting Associates

  • Ed_B

    “As soon as FDR entered the White House in March 1933, he declared a “bank holiday” and seized gold from the public!”

    It might be more accurate to say that FDR seized gold from the banks since they had practically all of the gold in the US at the time and were the root cause of the deflationary depression that was in full swing about then. Yes, citizens were supposed to turn in their gold too but many did not. They simply buried it and waited. When the price of gold was rejiggered to $35 an oz. from $20.67 per oz., those who kept their gold got a 68% bonus while those who turned in their gold got paper money in return that lost 68% of its value. The lesson here is that while games can be played with fiat paper currency, they cannot be so easily played with gold and silver money. In spite of this rather obvious lesson, the history books all show that this was a “revaluation of gold” and not a DE-valuation of the US dollar. It is the latter that is FAR more accurate. Remember this if you have almost all of your wealth in paper. The same government that tells us it that our fiat money has value can also tell us just how much value it has… and, given the chance, will do just that!

  • dan

    ‘This time it will be different’…as in we the people will trade in lead if a ‘bank holiday’ is declared…fool me once shame on me, fool me twice..FUCK YOU….imho

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