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Savage Murder In Paris Shows Freedom in Western Societies, is Vulnerable

from Gold Core:

The savage attacks on the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris, leaving 12 dead yesterday, shows how vulnerable western societies and economies are to the twin threats of terrorism and war.

The attacks pose threats to our already under attack freedoms – freedom of the press, freedom of privacy, freedom of religion, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, expression and thought.

It poses risks to the open societies that have been regained in recent years – in terms of freedom of movement of goods, services and people in the EU and internationally. This in itself poses real risks to already fragile economies in France, the EU and internationally.

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3 comments to Savage Murder In Paris Shows Freedom in Western Societies, is Vulnerable

  • B.M.

    I’ll bet 10 to 1 this was another false flag event just like 99% of the rest. The author or authors of this article is obviously a one layer deep thinker.

  • pipes


    I don’t care what the source…who it is…or how seemingly “like-minded” they may be with my own premises…anyone treating this event as real…anyone spouting tripe about “threats to freedom” resulting from this event and it’s supposed muslim perpetrators…is engaging in mind control/propaganda.

    And even if they “honestly” believe this was real, I will not cut them any slack. This is so obviously fake that you have to have either not cared enough to look with a critical eye (literally and figuratively), or you are dim.

    In either case, I have little use for such people, as I cannot depend on their ability to discern.

  • Thank you B.M. and pipes for seeing through this and applying the litmus test to ANYONE who holds up these damn lies.

    The only way this mafia-driven system is going to get fixed is if people wake up and openly denounce those who treat these false flags and hoaxes as reality.

    I’ve got a list of the traitors…. it’s unfortunately exponentially long in comparison to the list of truth tellers. And it also has all the “reputable” people, even in the so-called alternative media.

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