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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. as Well as the Oppressed Dissidents of 2015

from Liberty Blitzkrieg:

Martin Luther King Jr. was considered a terrorist by the power structure in his own time, and were he alive today, he would undoubtably be considered a terrorist by the very same politicians who will today shower his legacy with superficial praise.

It is always easy to celebrate a dissident hero from decades past, long after particular struggles have been tirelessly fought and won. With the person safely no longer alive or a threat to vested interests, it becomes easy to claim solidarity with such noble principles.

What’s much harder to do is to celebrate and support contemporary dissidents and whistleblowers. People with so much heart, courage and conviction behind their beliefs they often end up dead, such as Aaron Swartz; in jail, such as Barrett Brown, Private Manning and John Kiriakou; or on the run, such as Edward Snowden. On this MLK Day I want to do what I’m confident Dr. King would have wanted. I want to ask everyone reading this to support and stand with today’s dissidents and freedom fighters, because while history is important, the battles we face today are no less significant or monumental.

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1 comment to Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. as Well as the Oppressed Dissidents of 2015

  • joe

    Sorry, but I don’t celebrate the legacy of an adulterer, communist sympathizer and plagiarist. MLK made some memorable quotes about the “content of a man’s character” yet seemed to actually possess little himself. There are better role models than this phony.

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