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Putin Strikes Again!

by Brittany Stepniak, Outsider Club:

The warning shots keep on firing over in Russia…

The ruble plunged to a month low as continued depression in oil prices added further fuel to the already burning economic fire.

Russia’s worsening currency crisis could spur a global financial crisis as it spills over into emerging markets and threatens our own recovery at home in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Putin hasn’t been helping the situation. Instead of opening dialogue that could help ease harmful economic sanctions, he’s boosted combat as part of a plan to gain control of the Arctic, the annexed Crimean Peninsula, and Kaliningrad — the westernmost territory.

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2 comments to Putin Strikes Again!

  • Alustoon

    ”Instead of opening dialogue that could help ease harmful economic sanctions…”

    What a stupid writer. They tried very hard to get a dialogue going. And what results? The west don’t want results and the Russians know it. The Russians also know they will face the war because he is inevitable. The world will never heal before the Americans are not utterly destroit.

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