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Psychopaths… & Politicians

from Tomato Bubble:

Recently, your intrepid webmaster had the opportunity to engage in a political discussion with a highly uninformed acquaintance named Ron. He was telling me of his inside knowledge of how corrupt the Mayor of his small town is. His serious allegations didn’t surprise me at all. Always trying to steer people towards the “big picture”, I stated to Ron that at least half of the people who enter politics are actual undiagnosed psychopaths to begin with. And the worst of the worst inevitably reach the higher levels of government (Congress, Senate, Governors etc); with at least 80% of the high climbers being hard core psychopaths. Not in the metaphorical sense; I mean true clinical psychopaths, albeit undiagnosed. I’m talking about the type of individuals who should either be straight-jacketed and institutionalized in lunatic asylums, or locked away in heavy labor prisons.

Still under the impression that my rant was intended as an exagerated metaphor, Ron laughed and responded, “Well, I think you’re exxagerating a bit, Mike. But there are some bad apples in Washington, in both Parties.”

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2 comments to Psychopaths… & Politicians

  • Eric

    “I’m talking about the type of individuals who should either be straight-jacketed and institutionalized in lunatic asylums, or locked away in heavy labor prisons.”

    One word… Hillary. Is that an exaggeration?

  • rl

    We have no idea who and what these people really are and Im REALLY gald to see Mike from tomato bubble here.
    Good form Sean!
    Before having spent a year straight devoted to studing the phsychos among us and who rule us several years ago when I realized the gloves and masks were coming off of the freaks in d.c., it was hard to imagine how their minds really worked and therefore what they were truly capable of.
    Truly grasp 911, TRULY…, 1000s dead, millions stole from the vaults in the buildings, profit all over for insiders, wars and chains for society in all they see, say, and do to guns on your streets pointed at you. Grasp the blood involved.

    I will tell you this as an encapsulation of a year of study, dedicating time at no less than 30hrs a week as is my want in such things, and the knowledge gained from it since; these people know they are different than you, they know that you have no clue of it, them, or what they are capable of. That you cant grasp it because you rely on ingrained emotions and empathy to steer your vsion of the world all the way down to your daily choices. As far as they see it they dont have these problems and obstacles. You see as your definition of their type as some guy named hannibal, and you are stuck in your part of their game. And becuase of this and your lack of what they see as their insight you can be played, robbed, killed, and destroyed by them at will. They know and believe fully that you are ‘to stupid’ to figure it out, and see the theft and death they put upon you as simply what you are for and what you deserve because you are simply and plainly inferior to them. And that this is proved to them with every mass deception and mass theft they pull off everyday in front of your face.
    I guarantee this is the case.
    And that you have no idea how elite the so called elite truly believe are.

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