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Poroshenko, Washington’s Puppet In Ukraine REJECTS Putin’s “PEACE PLAN”; Massive Shelling Ensues

from ZeroHedge:

the major story for us right now is that the broad concept incorporated in “Exter’s Pyramid” is in operation. This something we mentioned in Autumn last year and it’s occurring across currency and credit markets and, to some extent, in equities. To recap, John Exter (a former Fed official, ironically) thought of the post-Bretton Woods financial system as an inverted pyramid resting on its apex, emphasizing its inherent instability compared with a pyramid resting on its base. Within the pyramid are layers representing different asset classes, from the most risky at the top down to the least risky at the bottom. He foresaw a situation where capital would progressively flow from the top layers of the pyramid towards the bottom layers. “…creditors in the debt pyramid will move down the pyramid out of the most illiquid debtors at the top of the pyramid…Creditors will try to get out of those weak debtors & go down the debt pyramid, to the very bottom.

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2 comments to Poroshenko, Washington’s Puppet In Ukraine REJECTS Putin’s “PEACE PLAN”; Massive Shelling Ensues

  • Krow!

    Good article, but I am SICK of Zero Hedge, who gives 90% of his website to ads, and only 10% for the article. In this case, the column is so thin that you cannot even watch the videos and access the sound and video size icons. Zero Hedge, are your precious ads worth the sub-par format of your site? In my opinion, it sucks, and I now avoid it.


  • Porkman

    Step 1: Shut off energy supply
    Step 2: Blow stolen gas in storage

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