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Paris Attack: Gunmen Showed “Advanced Military Skills”

by Kurt Nimmo, Infowars:

The gunmen who stormed the offices of the newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris “displayed a degree of skill and calmness that comes only from advanced military training,” The Telegraph reports.

The observation begs the question: were the gunmen part of a military organization such as ISIS or sent by a government with a professionally trained military? David Blair writes for the newspaper:

They were also fully equipped for their murderous task. Photographs taken at the scene show two men clad entirely in black, their faces concealed by balaclavas. Each one is armed with an AK47 assault rifle.

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4 comments to Paris Attack: Gunmen Showed “Advanced Military Skills”

  • Here’s all you need to see to PROVE this is a hoax.

    At 12 seconds in, the cop lying on the sidewalk is supposedly shot in the head at point-blank range. Look closely, because besides the obvious fact that his brain didn’t explode and there’s no blood splatter WHATSOEVER, there’s also the fact that the blank that was shot was aimed to the right, onto the pavement, NOT into the guy’s head. Hopefully the crisis actor cop had some earplugs in though. What a dismal world this has become where these staged events happen with increasing frequency and the general public still hasn’t caught on. Yeah, I’m back to cursing the sheeple just as much as the fucking perpetrators.

    Youtube is taking down the Paris “shooting” videos left and right. Catch this one while you can. is where Free Radio Revolution (FRR) has gone. It’s hard to connect to at times, like right now, but here’s a link to FRR’s latest, exposing this as a hoax. I haven’t seen the video yet, but he’s usually spot on. And, this link should eventually work — Zeekly isn’t censoring videos at least.

    Zeekly EXCLUSIVE! Charlie Hebdo Shooting HOAX! FULLY EXPOSED – Banned Youtube video

    ^^^ I have yet to get the Zeekly link to work. Here’s FRR’s channel at Zeekly:

    Here’s a video on youtube that’s still available — slow motion of the shooting, which reveals what I was talking about above. Judge for yourself, but common sense should intervene here:


  • Great LIVE discussion here — if you miss it live, you can listen to the archive later, but they’re discussing the Paris hoax, and revealing a lot of good information.

    We’ll Do It LIVE! The REAL Alternative Podcast – Charlie Hebdo Hoax + Pozner Pakistan

    • SGT

      We post this channel’s material sometimes, but you still get the hat tip for this particular one, thx mangrove.

      • No problem. Glad to help out. It’s just insane how much BS is happening nowadays….

        The Zeekly channel for FRR isn’t showing that initial video…. so, perhaps we just need to be patient. The other links are working though. Cheers!

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