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Obama and Cameron’s Biggest Fear: Seven EU nations support lifting sanctions on Russia

[Ed. Note: As I outlined in my micro-doc FALSE FLAG 101: From Gladio To Hebdo, the U.S. and NATO needed to keep France from getting too chummy with Putin and Russia. Enter Charlie Hebdo.]

from 21st Century Wire:

Washington and London hoped that last week’s violent Attacks in Paris might pull EU sanction-rebels back into Washington’s anti-Russia political cult, but it looks like the effect was only short-term.

What was the reason for sanctions against Russia in the first place. According to President Obama and Britain’s David Cameron, it’s because of “Russia’s continued aggression in the Ukraine”. The only problem with that is that Russia never invaded the Ukraine, nor did it ‘invade’ Crimea.

This week, Russia’s Foreign Minister hit back hard against Washington’s political cartel. “There are no prospects for isolating Russia in this or that way,” Sergei Lavrov said during his meeting with Latvia’s Edgars Rinkevics in Moscow. He added, “We have partners,” meaning: Russia is not alone on the world stage.

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1 comment to Obama and Cameron’s Biggest Fear: Seven EU nations support lifting sanctions on Russia

  • Velikovsky

    And you conveniently forget Mossad/Israel’s role??? Are you even serious??? Ever heard of ICC and how this court is bringing war crimes against Israel? Why do you think 3 Malaysian owned planes dropped out of the sky? Why would the US/CIA per se need to terrorize France when they can get their point across in so many other ways? Egregious violence (perceived and otherwise) is the Jew way. Always has been and always will be.

    All these ‘dead’ people have ended up in Israel; they will be given new identities, a shit-load of money, and people like you will point the finger at the wrong people – again and again.

    Those MF Rothschilds own Charlie Hebdo and Israel is their very own private criminal ‘state.’ Without Israhell, how can the Rothschilds conduct their profitable wars; how can they be declared Messiahs of Jerusalem if and when they are able to create a Jew World Order? That’s why they need to put the clamps on war crime hearings – otherwise, Israhell may not be around in 10 to 20 years.

    While Israhell is the current lynch-pin, Ukraine is a viable option for yet another Jewish State.

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