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New Antibiotic Hailed as ‘Game-Changer’ by Scientists

by Mike Barrett, Natural Society:

Antibiotic resistance is leaving countless individuals worried about our future when it comes to modern medicine, as numerous bacteria aren’t able to be wiped out by our ‘life-saving’ antibiotics. But recent findings suggest that we should not be concerned. Scientists have reportedly come across what is being deemed a “potential game-changer” when it comes to wiping out antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The super-antibiotic capable of wiping out everything from MRSA to TB has been found lurking in soil. It may in fact be a new class of antibiotic that is actually resistant to resistance. Not only does the new compound kill deadly superbugs like TB and MRSA, but it makes it extremely difficult for pathogens to mutate and develop a resistance because of the way it destroys their cell wall. The drug also worked ‘exquisitely’ well against hard-to-treat bugs such as C. diff that damage the heart.

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