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MUST LISTEN: Unraveling the Charlie-Hebdo Massacre FALSE FLAG — Webster Tarpley & Jeff Rense

from Webster Tarpley Radio:

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59 comments to MUST LISTEN: Unraveling the Charlie-Hebdo Massacre FALSE FLAG — Webster Tarpley & Jeff Rense

  • C.I.

    What “False Flag” the event is nasty but NOT what you would want it to be aye?

    Bad Posting This.


    • Hannon

      Lol, what’s inaccurate about it? Perhaps such a bad posting could easily be picked apart aye?

      I don’t know myself but I wounder what an AK does to a human head at close range? I know what a ballistically similar 30/30 does to a dear, but here’s what it does to a watermelon: Just in case it wasn’t a 7.62, here’s what a 5.45 does to a watermelon: I don’t know the details of exactly what happened in France, but what I do know is that the video of that cop getting shot is fake as hell, and Gladio was an admitted op in Europe and if they’d do it before there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t do it now 🙂

      • Eric

        Gordon Duff saying it wasn’t even filmed in Paris.

        I haven’t looked into it at all yet but definitely stinks of a staged event.

      • John

        What jumps out at me in the video is how these two supposedly bad-ass terrorists get into the car. Watch the dude get into the car on the passenger side, he or she has to first gingerly pick up a shoe, and then gingerly gets into the car like a little “Nancy.” You would expect bad-ass terrorists to barrel down the road with car doors open or half open, maybe guns sticking out the window,….not these guys or girls, they had to get their seatbelts on first before taking off at grandma speed. All looks goofy and staged to me.

        • lastmanstanding

          If this crap was pulled in many “random” communities throughout the US, patriot citizens would be responding immediately with whatever they’ve got handy.

          “lots” of folks in safe communities have “items” handy…for protection of themselves, family and community. That’s it, nothing more.

          One never really knows what could be pulled from ones trunk or from under the back seat in small town, God fearing, good ole USA…if/when a bunch of evil fucks attempt to intimidate regular folks.

          I am not going to speculate what may happen in a community as I have described, but I can speculate that it would NOT have been as in this situation where NO ONE had the ability to defend themselves.

          Funny how this shit always happens in gun free zones or unarmed countries.

  • Sam

    Interstingly, it seems that because this crazy shit is in the news that what isn’t in the news which should be is the Boston false flag trial that was set to start…just sayin’

  • Jacobson

    Muslims never make terror !
    ISIS is false flag,
    Bin Laden is false flag,
    Charlie-Hebdo is false flag,
    Boston was a false flag,
    It’s always a false flag, leave the muslims alone !

    دين محمد بالسيف = Faith of Muhammad will enforce by the sword
    Arabi ? Arabi ? LA ! Yahoodi ! Yahoodi !

    Soon Europe will enjoy the party pooper immigrants !
    Allah Akbar !

    • Jacobson

      Find the differences between Jerusalem (1st video) to this:

    • noname

      Yes. For it to be believed NOT a false flag, they should learn from Mossad – ie. targeted assassinations. This was a daylight murder spree which practically advertised to the world….”Please come get us! We are that Islamist group in Iraq and Syria. Bomb the nations we are at! Support all wars that claim to ‘hunt’ us down.”

    • Travis

      It does get pretty old when everything is called a false flag especialy when it comes to muslims aka terrorists causing problems.
      When everything is a false flag then nothing is true. Bad things do happen and they are not all caused by secret boogeyman.
      The alternative media is losing credibility and going over the cliff.

      • SGT

        good one Travis. We leave you to Anderson Cooper, multi-millionaire heir to the Astor fortune for your info. Good luck with that. As for this event, we are on the same side as, Intellihub, 21st Century Wire and Infowars to name but a few. We are in good company with our analysis of this latest FALSE FLAG operation.

      • noname

        I beg to disagree, Travis. I think the awareness movement is still pretty new. But I understand if you like to stick to tradition in believing the MSM; THAT really is getting very old.

        If you can prove this wasn’t a false flag attack, we would really like to hear it.

    • Eric

      That pretty much sums up the “why” for a false flag.

      • Tom

        If you people cry false flag at every turn, people will no longer take you seriously. It’s like crying the “sky is falling”.
        It is sophomoric. It does not make you appear to be more perceptive than the average individual.
        You may find it hard to believe, but there are muslims who don’t like us. They don’t need the CIA or the NSA to set up their anger. They just really don’t like us and are willing to kill.

        • Johnny Fever

          Well then answer the question about the cop getting shot on the sidewalk, where is the blood where is his head exploding .. seems fuckin simple to me, so explain it

          • Sayldog

            Speaking from experience, a 45 defense round put into a head at close range leaves little damage, certainly no “explosion”, very little certainly no gushing blood, very little entry wound and no exit wound.
            Just saying.

        • Ed_B

          I agree, Tom. While there ARE false flags out there, not every damned thing that happens IS a false flag. Some really bad s**t really does happen sometimes. The part of this that interests me most is that the odds of keeping something like this secret, which all FFs HAVE to be to be effective in any way, is inversely proportional to the number of people involved. No one can lie to hundreds or even thousands of individuals and keep their story straight. This causes people to doubt the veracity of what they are being told and what they are being asked to do. A FF is basically a “news” house of cards, so it doesn’t take the removal of too many cards to bring down the entire edifice, much to the discredit of those creating it. A little paranoia is a good thing that helps keep us safe but like anything else, it CAN be over-done. I suspect that it is way too often over-done for those of us who prefer living in the real world and not some paranoia-induced fantasy-land of their own creation.

          • Hannon

            Everything “they” say should be treated as a lie until proven otherwise. In your personal lives, how many times do you have to catch somebody lying before you miss trust them. I say this instance is a false flag, because I know what riffles do to flesh and bone, and the video of the cop getting shot is retardedly fake, I’ve seen my pellet gun draw more blood. Plus the motives are more than there on a Geo-political and national level for France right now, they’re on the verge of going Charles De Gaulle on the international banking cartel, this looks like a threat to the French and more war drum beating for expanded Middle East warfare.

          • noname

            Is this another False flag? Most definitely! If we think some people will go through the trouble of professionally organizing a murder spree, wearing militia suits, hijack cars, in broad daylight, risking their own lives or getting caught in a big city over a cartoon while killing other innocent non-cartoonists along the way, we deserve to be shot ourselves. This was an explicitly clear operation to heighten fear and anger in ordinary citizens for some greater agenda.

            Fake video? I am not sure. Why would they fake a shooting? Have they finally found the conscience not to kill and risk the entire operation getting foiled? I doubt it. But then again, they could be that dumb once in a while.

        • Gnostic


          This will help you discern fact from fiction,

          Simulated Conflicts Casualties and Terrorist attacks

          • Tom

            I have travelled far and long in this world. I have been to the middle east and I have been to southeast Asia. Both in the military and out I can tell you that there are people who hate this country, because we do not pray to the same God they do.
            I realize there are “crisis actors” that are used by the government during “training events”. I realize there are journalists who lie. I also realize that bad things happen to good people. Planes crash. Vehicles crash. People get shot. Wars happen. It’s the world we live in. It is laughable to me that you people think that the CIA is powerful enough to make all these things happen. Like they are God. THEY ARE NOT. They are like any other government agency. Not everything in life is a false flag.
            You ask why doesn’t the guy’s head explode when he is shot. Believe it or not, we don’t live in the movies. Sometimes people get shot and they don’t even realize they’ve been shot until they bleed out. It happens. Not every gun battle has the same effect. Just because something happens that you can’t explain or don’t understand suddenly makes it a “FALSE FLAG”. In fact, i don’t even think you understand what that term really means anymore.

            • Gnostic

              Tom, Talking about a different god & hatred, The Koran venerate Christ & the Mother Mary.

              Sanhedrin 106a . Says Jesus’ mother was a whore: “She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters.” Also in footnote #2 to Shabbath 104b it is stated that in the “uncensored” text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, “Miriam the hairdresser,” had sex with many men.

              Sanhedrin 43a . Says Jesus (“Yeshu” and in footnote #6, Yeshu “the Nazarene”) was executed because he practiced sorcery.

              Horrible Blasphemy of Jesus, Gittin 57a . Says Jesus ( see footnote #4) is being boiled in “hot excrement.”

              • Sayldog

                Funny to hear you use the veneration of Christ in your argument Gnutsac, since you’ve made it clear in your endless parade of comments that you don’t.

                In fact you, Jacobson and his Jewish brethren, and every Muslim hold this very important distinction in common:
                none one of you will acknowledge that Jesus IS God.

                • Gnostic


                  I venerate everyone except the murderous, treacherous jewish supremacists & those christians & muslims or asians or africans who venerate the jewish ideology of greed & pervasion & destruction.

                  Jews are mongrols & have throughout the ages feed off a host nation, eventually their clan will feed on each other, it’s the nature of the scorpion.

              • Mike Miller

                I’m not sure why you don’t put your real name here? I am a practicing orthodox Jew. Or to people like you – a Bloody F$&@&$en Jew. No matter.
                The Jewish Talmud is so huge and so involved, a normal person would not be able to get through it in his lifetime. it takes a good Talmudic scholar years of learning 12 hours a day just to get the basic concepts and understanding what the text is actually saying. The basic premise – which you do not divulge – is that the Talmud is a discussion of many many ideas and opinions. It is NOT – as you suggest – a prescriptive or instruction manual. So for a Jew Hater like yourself to have the gall to quote from its holy pages and presume to firstly understand what they are saying and then the even more arrogance to misquote those opinions as fact is reprehensible to the extreme!
                What you are trying to do is tantamount to taking a drop of water from the ocean, opining that it is disgusting and tainted and in so doing trying to discredit the entire ocean. You are a hateful human being..and it shows.

            • Gnostic


              all the Christ Hatred & pedophilia is Jewish Talmud, sorry forgot to mention that., But I am sure you already knew that.

            • noname

              Tom, you are a dis-informant. I have probably traveled more and lived there longer than you. NOBODY I have met hate the west (and I have met lots). They may hate the foreign policies and politics and how their natural resources are stolen by western corporate vultures via their corrupted governments, but no one hates ordinary Americans. When you see civilians getting killed by “terrorists” instead of real war-mongering politicians, you should be suspicious that it is a false flag attack.

              Ask yourself why would terrorists not kill those war-mongers who truly responsible for their plights? The answer is: because they are funded by those who want terror to continue. Killing our civilians will lead to us begging these warmongers to blast the middle east to tomorrow.

        • SGT

          Tom, you are playing catch up on the facts here, so CATCH UP.

          Paris Double Siege Ends in Death of Suspects, New ‘Anti-Semitic’ and ‘Al-Awlaki’ Narratives Emerge

          • noname

            Nothing like deaths of suspects to tie loose ends, they say.

          • Tom

            So now every member of the Paris Swat team is in on the conspiracy and the false flag? Look if you think that the guy getting shot in the head without it exploding was fake, please go find him and interview him. I dare you. I’m a disinformation agent? Really? So I don’t subscribe to your immediate cynical world view and immediately I become a disinformation agent?
            Come on. We aren’t even intellectual on this site anymore. We just insult and move on….
            How about you find the person who shot the video and interview that person. No. That’s what a real journalist would do. Perhaps there is more video or more to the video than what you have been provided. So far all you people are hanging your hats on speculation.

            • Gnostic


              Official Motto of Mossad “By Deception we Shall Wage War” Who benefits from all the Muslim bashing & false deceptions, not the Muslims, the Jews, Of course that’s tin foil hat stuff, Right Tom.

              • Jacobson

                Hi Nazi Gnostic,
                First you balmed the jewish books (Anti-zionist? or Anti-jewish?),
                Now you blame the Mossad – you speak like the average arab in the middle east that believes the Mossad has trained shraks in the sea and eagles that fly over their countries and then goes back and tell the secrets to the israelis.

                Not every muslim is a terrorist, but most terrorists are muslims.

                I’m not saying that muslims are bad people (like what you say against jews),
                But it is a cultural and historical based behavior – if you americans want to close your eyes, that’s ok.
                “If the mountain wont come to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the mountain”.

                Never forget the geographical warfare of Islam:
                دار الحرب = Dar al-kharb = house of war
                دار الاسلام = Dar al-islam = house of islam
                You americans, are part of the ‘house of war’ or of ‘infidels’.

                Almost forgot to mention the Quranic punishment of chopping heads,
                Did you really think that ISIS brought that cruel behavior ?
                I let them speak for themselves :
                MUST WATCH :

        • Eric

          The alternative media loses credibility. That’s funny.

          And as we all know, 19 guys with box cutters ordered NORAD to stand down, and Oswald was the only one that shot Kennedy.

          I see a lot of the same smart people here and quite a few new ones who still haven’t figured much out.

          Regardless, there seem to be a lot more looking to the Internet for their information and a lot fewer tv zombies than there used to be.

          The “alternative media” is gaining steam not losing it.

  • JMiller

    Conspiracy theorist seem to be calling to many things a false flag.

    • matt

      Yes, and sadly many conspiracy theorists are too quick to believe most if not all of them.

      • Gnostic


        One sheep said to another sheep “hey that sheep dog & man are controlling us” the other sheep said “what are you a conspiracy theorist?”

      • noname

        Yes, sadly there are still too many conspiracy denier sheep out there who can’t prove their points as rebuttal nor ask the right questions but jump into conclusion that all other theories are false unless broadcast on Fox News or CNN.

    • Gnostic

      Jewish Miller, Fool me once shame on you……

      • JMiller

        And what is that suppose to mean Sparky?

      • rl

        Hey Gnos,
        Arguing with idiots is the ultimate waste of time, which is why they love to do it.
        Infantile asswipes and trolling will one day be ignored.
        An elephant with wings could land on their head and they would tell you elephants cant fly you idiots. All of these half wits with a keyboard simply need to prattle off to one the known troll boards or group of fools pages where they belong. Then again sgt has gotten big enough to garner their time.
        Some guy supposedly gets his head blown off close range with a 762 and the round bounces off the sidewalk and a pile of blood and guts is nowhere to be seen, and your wrong to question it and have to hear from some complete waste of time who cant pull his head out of his ass or is paid not to. And we loose track of the fact that those behindthis and the rest are not as stupid as they would like seem or be seen and the message is to the french opposition to them anyway; we do what we want and it doesnt matter who believes what or sees what. We win you loose and everyone runs around in circles. Which is exactly what is happening here.

        Even hear we hear about some 28 pages that they cant tell you about, but oh, by the way, saudi did it. You and I both know who did it and does it.
        The lie never ends and millers of the would never cease.

    • noname

      Conspiracy Deniers seem to be absurdly naive. Whatever they believe, let’s hope they will not support more wars and violence; otherwise, the endless killing cycle will continue and we may just reach that point of no return.

    • matt

      indeed. And miss reality. We are in for a bumpy ride. Once the collective unconsciousness goes into retaliation/reactionary mode..It is an unstoppable phenomenon. Just part of the human cycle. But at the other side consciousness will rise significantly..just as an individual who experiences a large,sudden emotional trauma, the collective (whats left) return to ‘normalcy’ and the cycle starts again.

      I agree there are people who pull strings and manipulate for their own gain but I do not believe they have such total control. Consciousness is much bigger than any human mind can even fathom.

    • Hannon

      Well done damage control boys, you stayed on message, steered away from any factual debate and tried to make it about the mentality of the folks who believe such things rather than regular patterns threaded through out these false flags. When they bring the same circle jerk commenting game to the sgtreport that they use over at Media Matters, you know the SGT crew is doing something right 🙂

      If this riffle shot is so real with no gore, then why are they scrubbing it from youtube and re-releasing it all blurred out as if it is gory?

  • Michael

    It is impossible to believe it did not happen. All of our news services said it did, so it must be true. The Gulf of Tonkin incident did not happen, but our news services said it did. Steel does not melt from the heat of burning jet fuel, but our news services said it did. The moon landing never took place. Our news services said it did. Trust in network news is exactly what has brought us to point of no return. Conspiracy theorist are not always right, but they are more truthful than all the conventional media put together.

  • Michael

    Vell who knew.

  • Sean, where did the Mark S. Mann interview go? I watched it, and tried to link to it on another site, but youtube says it was “removed by the user” — so, perhaps you’re doing some more editing and will re-release? Or, if you got into trouble with youtube, I did happen to capture the video before it was removed, and will be happy to upload it to my ZeeklyTV account, but only with your permission. Or, perhaps you’ll want to open an account there. It was a fine interview, btw, and I had been hoping you’d bring in Mark S. Mann to give his expert opinion. Cheers!

  • Novak

    Conspiracy theorists labelled this a “false flag” whilst it was still happening. There is nothing to suggest that this was not an actual event. The fact that the gun shot does not conform to some Quentin Tarantino stereotype is, as evidence, puerile.

  • Joe Blow

    I really wish interviewers would shut the fuck up and just let guests talk freely. Who cares if the interviewer can show off little details here and there. it interrupts the flow of the guest and makes it almost impossible to follow the information. Shut the fuck up and let them talk, when they are done they will ask you a question. Shit if you want to be your own guest go masturbate.

  • Saül Parves

    About Jean-Marie Le Pen, the ex-leader and father of Marine Le Pen who heading today the Front National. He never was an official of Vichy’s government as stated by Tarpley, actually he became the youngest “pupil of the nation” when his father died stepping on a german mine and tried to enter the Resistance but was rejected for being too young. Jean-Marie Le Pen is a controversial figure, politically incorrect for sure but also a quite knowledgable, cultured, courageous, visionary individual. He has been demonized for years but one day he will be rehabilitated as one of most greatest french patriots of the last century.

    I believe the Front National to be one of the most respectable parties in line, the party is not racist nor xenophobic nor antisemitic as the system wants us to believe, it is centered on France recovering its sovereignty. It has a chance of coming to power the next presidential elections, I sure believe it is far better then the UMPS (the bipartist system comprised of the “Union pour un Mouvement Populaire” and the “Parti Socialiste” and all right/left satellites of the globalist third way party). I find hard to be believe that Tarpley repeats such ridiculous statements about the FN, his credibility takes a hard shot. Any dissident equipped with minimum discernement can tell that the FN is really a bug in the system, has a powerful and pragmatic program, a coherent doctrine that has identified the real clivage of today being nation vs (euro)globalism. The rise of the Front National is really one hope for France and therefore Europe as a political leading country. American patriots could learn a lot from the Front National, to dismantle the dialectic trap most western countries fall in for a traditional patriotic third way that fights the dominant liberal libertarian ideology (cultural, political, social and economic), the ideology of Enlightenment and Progress, natural rights, economical and ecological utilitarianism, against the so-called french revolution of the (judeo-masonic) bourgeoisie, cosmopolitain banksters…

  • yan

    This is so retarded hahaha while we got both camps arguing about false flag or not we missing key details like, id of the cop that would not have died if the gun shot was fake ,… so let’s find his id and go to the funerals.. would they fake the funerals too?? LETS FIND OUT ONCE AND FOR ALL YES??

    Who are those 2 brothers, where is the funeral, lets talk to they’re family and find out more, we should have the right to know these simple details. who died and where is the damn funeral !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yan

    who cares about politics or religion motives… the important part is to find out if those 2 brothers did this for whatever reason or was it a stage… if its a stage then the cop in the video is not dead… I do believe some people died that day obviously but if its a stage then the brothers were kidnapped then assassinated… actors were used for the live footage / media then since 98% of the population believe everything they see on the damn news they knew the debate would become about religions, politics and conspiracies… most of the conspiracy theorist are the first to say “wake up” if its a god damn setup are we not smart enough to prove it ?????? all I see when I see this shit is a live practice that will help military budget and test how asleep the population still is,,, all those events, including the Olympics scandal, Virus Outbreaks and public shootings and bombings are all TESTS TO SEE IF WE ARE STILL SLEEPING!!!!! and the thing they want from us is for us to revolt and fight back and this we must not do,.. if we attack first they will NAIL us. bamm

    Also if this is a false flag and the 3 terrorists are actually dead, and they’re body can be id’ed at the funeral along with family confirmation of the death then the “hostages” were in fact french intel who staged the scene for the media coverage,,, how hard would it be to actually kill those people and “plant” the bodies where the terrorists would of taken people hostage… (not wording this properly) just think 2 sec if the hostages were in fact the ones setting up the dead terrorist bodies for the supposedly assault… once the assault is a go, more actors charge the scene and shot blanks and then bam the bad guys are dead… ambulance, camera’s …. ACTION lol

    so can we interview workers at the grocery store and find out how the hostage scene happened … from actual workers and not actors who are paid to say shit on camera for the media to feed the zombies ? How hard would it be to have french intel dress in black with masks come in a grocery store, kill a couple people, take a few hostage… by now anyone else that could be a witness at this point would probably dying of fear hiding so now they had plenty of time to plant the terrorist dead bodies and stage the whole thing to look good on camera and when ever the stage was ready is when they gave the order for the assault and all the hostages were saved and all the terrorists were killed… yeah fuck you too hah

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