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by Detective George Freund, The Government Rag:

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Come inside. Come inside the latest mass hypnosis event is poised to commence. In an uncanny parallel it has quite the similarity to the 1975 movie classic Three Days of the Condor where assassins invade a CIA research facility and eliminate all the agents for specific knowledge they might have accessed. Unlike the drama, there was no Robert Redford to escape and challenge the hidden hand within the intelligence services orchestrating the events. Our new Condor event also proceeds over three days in some sort of irony.

In this episode the entire world is held hostage with the power of a complicit media disseminating clearly observable falsehoods as truth. It all starts at the office of a publication in Paris called Charlie Hebdo. They are supposed to be masters of satire which can be cutting. However, they seem far more than that. They seem to be a propaganda organ of the state and to a greater effect the NATO alliance. They seem to push the envelope of what is acceptable criticism to outright psychological provocation of one clearly identifiable target group the Islamic faith.

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