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Is Jamie Dimon “Under Assault”?

from Outsider Club:

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon says his mega-bank is “under assault.”

That’s right, the man who oversees a bank that has been hit with $35,241,500,000 in fines in a mere three-and-a-half years for illegal activities is whining about being assaulted. He was so bold as to say the way he’s being treated is downright un-American.

“We have five or six regulators coming at us on every issue,” he spat to reporters on a conference call. “You all should ask the question about how American that is. And how fair that is?”

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6 comments to Is Jamie Dimon “Under Assault”?

  • sam

    A good day will be WHEN Jamie Dimon is jailed or hung for treason and JP Morgan is bankrupt. What a bunch of crooks WE have allowed to multiply like rats. WE have NO one to blame but OURSELVES. WE know there is EVIL and yet WE do NOTHING!

  • Sayldog

    When cities across America and around the world are the backdrop for the scene depicted with the article, then Dimon will realize “his” bank is truly under assault.
    Meanwhile, the phonies of ISIS continue to demonstrate that they are the creation of the Zionist globalists through their staged attacks on meaningless targets, attacks whose only purpose can be the promulgation of the Boogeyman.

  • dan

    He needs to take the high road like many before him in the bankster business…and as a very popular movie proclaims…SUICIDE is painless……imho

  • Jon Geissinger

    Put him UNDER the jail!

  • rico

    Well said sam! Sadly, he isn’t the only Bankster POS in existence. All of them around the world need to be removed from their positions and tried for high crimes against humanity. The bloated institutions which latently transact their criminal activities should be shut down as well.

  • pvtskulker

    Jamie, you should talk to Obama. He has some cruse missles you can use against those assaulting your sorry criminal ass.

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