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How to Build a Fire in a Winter Survival Situation

by Daniel Barker, Natural News:

Unless you live in the tropics, with no likelihood of ever needing a fire to keep you alive in a winter survival situation, you should learn the basics of building one.

And if you require an illustration of just how crucial fire-building skills can be in a sub-zero environment, read Jack London’s masterful short story To Build a Fire. London’s “chilling” (no pun intended) tale of a man in possession of a fair set of survival skills but who made what turned out to be a series of fatal miscalculations, was enough to inspire myself as a child to learn the basics of survival fire-building.

When I was a boy (and I’m giving away my advanced age in relating this) there was no such thing as a “survivalist” movement. However, those of us who grew up in a rural or semi-rural environment were normally taught survival skills which, sadly, are no longer commonly passed on to new generations. We were taught how to hunt, fish, build fires and survive — even with a minimum of equipment and no fancy camping gear.

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