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HOW did they KNOW ???

from The Burning Platform:

I’m posting this amazing story with this question in my mind: “What do we REALLY know about humanity’s distant past?”.

I would suggest “virtually nothing that is accurate”. Hell … we can’t even get an accurate reading of recent history, such as, what a tyrant Honest Abe was, or even more recently, why that total sonuvabitch, Wilson, led us into WWI. What hope is there for truly knowing what transpired 6,000 years ago?

I recall reading a book about maps whereby the author stated that there are maps published 16th century which show Antarctica and Northern Greenland—lands no explorer of that time could have reached. The maps show an accurate coastline that is now under a mile of ice … a coastline verified as true only due to modern RADAR technology. These maps, in turn, are based on maps made by Alexander The Great, around 350BC.

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