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Has Obama Gone Off The Deep End?

by Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

$60 billion to fund 2 years of free community college for “resposnible” students? Qui bono, Barack? Seriously. Look, I understand that you enjoyed the free ride of affirmative action programs and have not worked an honest day’s living in your life. But now you want to institutionalize the right to attend college? And a community college at that? What the hell can someone gain from going community college? Seriously? Woodworking? “Social” studies? How to use Microsoft Word? I learned how to do the latter on my own, at no cost to nobody. WTF?

And tell me, Barack, why should the taxpayers pay for this? Why don’t YOU and YOUR corporate/Wall Street cronies pay for it? If it’s something you really believe in, you’ll raise the money privately – not fleece the taxpayers again.

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2 comments to Has Obama Gone Off The Deep End?

  • f16hoser

    “Insane” more like it.

  • Ed_B

    “What the hell can someone gain from going community college?”

    This may be one of the dumbest comments I’ve see in recent memory. There is a LOT to be gained from attending a community college. For one thing, many of the classes that all college students take can be taken at a local community college for 1/5 the price of most 4-year schools. As long as some care is taken to ensure that the credits are transferable to the 4-year school of their choice, why not cut the cost of attending college by 30% or so. In addition, most community colleges have excellent programs that lead to some very good technical and industrial careers, internships, and technical apprenticeships. To blow this resource off as not being useful is a disservice to community colleges everywhere. College tends to be what we make of it. A lousy student won’t get ahead in life no matter where they go or what they do. But those who work hard, pay attention, and want to learn can enrich their lives considerably at a community college. For what it’s worth, I neither work at a community college nor attended one but I know several people who have and their experiences were quite positive. All that said, if the author of this article has a mad on with Obama and his spendthrift ways, that I can agree with… but let’s not dump on those who don’t deserve it.

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