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Happy 2015? Not If We Continue To Fall For The NWO’s ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION’

from cismanz, via Grizzom:

hat tip: Gnostic

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4 comments to Happy 2015? Not If We Continue To Fall For The NWO’s ‘WEAPONS OF MASS DECEPTION’

  • anon

    For those new to SGT Report, or in the process of AWAKENING to the incessant LIE, that is the Main Stream Media (MSM):

    “Why I look forward to 2015 with relish”?

    Because anyone who is truly paying attention can’t help but connect more than a few facts, and join the “great awakening”, and thus leave, forever, the herd of “sheeple”. More and more will be doing just that, every day, in 2015. Be sure to read all comments, follow all links, view all content, in the links below, if you haven’t already:

    1) The Long Abusive History of Money Power (Part I)

    2) Researcher Christopher Bollyn on NWO Thug & ‘Mossad Deputy Chief For North America’ Rahm Emanuel

    3) Mayor Rahm Emanuel to Ban Gun Shops from 99.5% of Chicago, Videotape All Sales

    4) Carlyle Group’s Latest Acquisition: the JFK Library (!)

  • anon

    All Wars are Bankers’ Wars (and Big Oil, Weapons Manufacturers’, and Pentagon’s Wars)

    The JFK Assassination was an INSIDE JOB. 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB. Some of the players in the former also participated in the latter.

    The future prognostication for America is dire, UNLESS Americans regain control over Congress, the Office of the President of the United States, the Judicial Branch, and seriously reign in the Wall St. Banks, complete with prosecutions/convictions – and return this country, to it’s foundation: the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and RULE OF LAW. If Americans cannot do that – America is done.

  • Paul Prichard

    10m40s CIA putting Saddam into power in Iraq.
    22m45s Journalism that does not question prevailing consensus is not journalism.
    48m Operation Iraqi Liberation spells OIL – oops, we can’t have one of the real reasons for these wars spelled out.
    54m20s The debunking of the American narrative of the Jessica Lynch situation.
    56m Depleted uranium – briefers were under orders to avoid discussing. Another reason for these wars spelled out, right there. And a satanic reason at that.
    1h5m Frequency of misperceptions.
    1h6m One type of coverage for America and another for the rest of the world.
    1h8n Psyop of the Saddam statue destruction that was not spontaneous.
    1h21m Pentagon: Independent journalists could be targeted. Shown are two suspicious instances of friendly fire on independent journalists.

  • Paul Prichard

    The people of the world need to deprogram themselves out of the mass deception before they become part of the Zombie Apocalypse.

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