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Greece’s New FinMin Warns “We Are Going To Destroy The Greek Oligarchy System”

from ZeroHedge:

Over two years ago, we first highlighted Yanis Varoufakis’ perspectives on the destruction of Greece and Europe’s bogus growth pacts. Since then he has grown in both reason and popularity as his no-nonsense discussons of the mis-design of the euro (and potential solutions) have made him the front-runner to be Syriza’s new finance minister. Never one to  mince words or play politics, Varoufakis tells Channel 4’s Paul Mason in this brief (but chilling for Brussels) interview, what his party would do if it gets into government in Greece, and admits the prospect of power in Europe is “scary”. As he sums up, “we are going to destroy the Greek oligarchy system,” and with it, we suspect, much of the narrative that holds the fragile European Union together…

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2 comments to Greece’s New FinMin Warns “We Are Going To Destroy The Greek Oligarchy System”

  • Guy

    Greece: SYRIZA’s 40-point program

    Points No. 38 and 40 will not be popular with Israel or NATO. Yanis Varoufakis is Spatargus Prepare for Glory !


  • Hannon

    Let me guess, a Greek wave of suicides and terror attacks is on it’s way. Don’t worry Greeks, NATO and the IMF will save you. If these guys are tight nit enough, they might just have to be forced to do some JFK assassination type house cleaning because I’m guessing they’ll burn down what’s left of Greece before they let them go free.

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