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Grandmother Nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ Is Heading To The Front Lines Of War With Russian Loyalists

by Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

Whether a human interest story or nothing more than propaganda, one has to hand it to 68-year old grandmother Ekaterina Bilyik of Ukraine. After seeing the destruction wrought by Russian separatist forces operating in Eastern Ukraine, Bilyik decided she needed to do her part.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother of three joined up with Ukrainian forces and began training with other cadets in preparation for direct armed conflict in the war-torn region.

A 68-year-old Ukrainian grandmother has been nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ after completing a gruelling military training alongside army cadets four decades her junior. Footage from the army’s training camp shows pensioner Ekaterina Bilyik rolling over snow-covered fields, leaping to her feet and firing assault rifles alongside the young men in her troop.

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6 comments to Grandmother Nicknamed ‘The Punisher’ Is Heading To The Front Lines Of War With Russian Loyalists

  • toomanyfakeconservatives

    Finally: doom, prepper and rambo-fantasy website SHTFplan breaks a story that is both funny and just plain stupid.

  • Alustoon

    Slavo really don’t know what to wright, how to keep the readers. This blog is completely obsolete and full of lies.

  • CHG

    What?!?!? She gets a SWEET MP5 ($30,000 in the US Class 3 world) and the other “soldiers” shoot crappy AKs?

    Wrong on multiple levels.

    I’m SO scared . . . but, at least gold is skyrocketing, stocks are crashing and false flag attacks are entertaining . . .

    Sorry kids, I DID promise no more sarcasm.

  • JMiller

    There is already enough junk on this website without things like this. Let’s stick to more important subjects like the economy and the financial system.

  • Hannon

    Mean while in reality, 20ish year old women on testosterone are failing out of the Marines infantry school in America…

    Fed up with destruction from Russian separatist? I didn’t realize they were the ones with tanks and artillery 🙂

  • pvtskulker

    One night in a trench full of snow and she’s a gonner.

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