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Frm Canadian Minister Of Defense Talks About Banker Take Over of Canada

from We Are Change:

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2 comments to Frm Canadian Minister Of Defense Talks About Banker Take Over of Canada

  • buggymak110

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  • Thanks for presenting this most valuable interview. Congratulaions to this wonderful gentleman,Paul Hellier. Another canadian, a young lady of 12 years of age, Victoria Grant, explained the history of public banking in canada,almost 2 years ago now, in a short video. We in the PUBLIC BANKING FORUM OF IRELAND have been enlightened by these two fine Canadians.Paul gives us a first hand lesson in the history of banking, a lesson which we need to spread far wand wide. We here, are pushing hard for new publicly owned system of banking in Ireland, as the current monopolised commercial system has utterly failed our people.Ellen Brown has been to Ireland on two occasions in the past 18 months, to lend her considerable knowledge to this drive for public banks in Ireland. We are currently working with experts from the German SBFIC in Bonn, and also we are collaborating with Richard Werner , Professor at South Hampton university.Professor Werner is driving a campaign to set up new public banks in his area of England.His recent documentary THE PRINCES OF THE YEN is a must watch for anyone interested in this subject.Thanks again to this gentleman and to ”WE ARE CHANGE’SÓM

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