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Five Things To Do When Going Galt

from The Burning Platform:

We decided to chuck it just as the 2008 market meltdown was in full swing. We had seen enough signs to know that whatever direction our society was headed, we wanted to get off. Some of the signs were big ones that few people missed; 9/11, Waco, TBTF. Others were more subtle; the PC movement, the tattoo thing, the sudden appearance of huge numbers of morbidly obese people everywhere, an increasing number of people with their heads fixed in abject submission to an electronic device, and an overall decline in civility even in places we had known all our lives. If this was the initial trajectory then we weren’t planning on being anywhere near the re-entry and splashdown.

Not that we hadn’t fallen for it ourselves with the constant consumption of resources, the enslavement to granite counter-tops and cable TV, the ever widening gap between what we thought we wanted and what brought us peace.

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1 comment to Five Things To Do When Going Galt

  • Ed_B

    “As much as I resent the current preoccupation of the body politic demanding that everyone be provided for by taking it from those who have something to take without their consent, I look forward to doing for those whom I know on a face to face basis when my help could come in handy.”

    And this, friends, is the difference between true charity and state sponsored theft. SST removes all of the joy of giving to others and instills in those others some form of irrational entitlement. No one is “entitled” to the work product of another. No one… well, other than a spouse or child.

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