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from Ready Nutrition:

With the start of the new-year, there always seem to be several articles that come out promoting guns as part of a preparedness solution. And it’s an unfortunate fact that firearms have become almost synonymous with Preppers and disaster preparedness. I will explain why that is truly unfortunate…

Sadly, thanks largely to movies and bloggers with little or no ‘real’ long-term survival experience, far too much emphasis is placed on owning battle rifles as a primary part of survival or Prepper equipment.

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  • Rancher

    If that young fella in the picture with the baby on his back is…you /// then you are in a world of hurt and shit if the SHTF. It would take a couple adults carrying just the supplies needed to sustain that kid for two weeks let alone their own gear and stuff. Nope. Planning to be on foot in an extended crisis is a death wish no matter how much bravado you spin it with. Try the east coast right no, crisis event. You and your woman and baby are on foot with a several day blizzard coming down on you and you have zero warning. Dead meat.

    IMHO it is by far wiser to develop the fall back location to support a quality life, providing secure sleeping quarter and good food. A well rested, well fed prepper teamed up with other just like him can out last hungry, cold and desperate people on foot. It is under my plan which we have done now that weapons a major factor because security is the five top spots on the daily/nightly to do list in a crisis event. Because we are entrenched we can have a large variety of weapons to deliver the needed holes in the right spot. The other guy might have a few dozen rounds left by the time they run across us out here…. we have way way more with his name on each one.

    Only fools keep discussing to survival life on the road on foot. Just go try it today for a week with no resupply. You and your family.

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