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Faber: Gold will rally 30% in 2015

by Frik Els,

Gold on Tuesday took a breather after a strong start to the year with futures contracts in New York Mercantile retreating slightly to change hands for $1,232 an ounce, down just over $2 from Tuesday’s close.

Gold is still trading at its highest since October 22 after jumping more than 4% so far this year. Gold hit a near four-year low of $1,143 early November.

Marc Faber, economist, investment guru and Wall Street stalwart, came out on Tuesday as the year’s biggest gold bull, saying all asset classes except precious metals are overpriced and predicting a sharp move higher for the metal:

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5 comments to Faber: Gold will rally 30% in 2015

  • FreeJack

    Funny thing is Gold could just as easily drop 30% in 2015 and people would still listen to this clown next year. I wonder how much he makes per interview?

    • frank

      I no longer post on this site because it has become very evident that its devolved into nothing more than one big circle jerk for self proclaimed delusional know it alls.

      Having said that,I just couldn’t let this one go. Faber is way smarter than anyone on this site…including you freejack

  • gary h

    Faber is an ‘egg spurt’ on gold all right..& i’m a Chinese jet fighter pilot,& the cost of Boeing jets will be increasing 30% this year as what so will everything else if not more,so a 30% gold price hike don’t mean squat,zippo,nada,or zilch..
    ..therefore,a 30% price increase will simply keep up with hyperinflaton..maybe.. therefore 30% higher gold prices will buy the same amount of goods as it buys what..they call it ‘inflation’.inflation is simply & actually legal theft of your wealth,year in & year out,by the Zanksters[Zionist banksters] using their private 4 profit phony fiat debt paper “currency” counterfetting operation,the non-federal no-reserve corporation,that makes “currency” from thin air..aka ..NOTHING then charges us for their free paper AND in addition, has the audacity to charge us INTEREST ON their worthless,backed by nothing paper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    physical gold & silver are “money” NOT PAPER..

    “paper is but the ghost of money” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Gerald

    I’ve often told people in my argument for gold,that if you’re great grandparents had left you a $20 paper bill from 1930 or a 1930 $20 gold piece,which would you rather have right now?

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