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Era Of Shattered Illusions

from Snodster W:

Catastrophe occurs when too many people refuse to accept that around us always are two universes at work. There is the cold, hard reality that underlies everything. And on the surface is a veil of deceit and compromise. The more humanity compromises vital truths in order to enjoy the comfort of illusions, the more mind-shattering it will be when those illusions fall away. These two worlds can coexist only for short periods of time, and they will always and eventually collide. There is no other possible outcome.

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1 comment to Era Of Shattered Illusions

  • rl

    Very hard truth; east west left right.
    All illusion if we can really be honest or really hear this.
    If… it is not already relegated to the old news file which things of this nature go to as we cannot see past what we believe as true. Never able to take a second and remember that we know that everything we have been told for the last 200 years is pretty much a lie from start ot finish.

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