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Dollar Denial Ain’t Just a River

by Dr. Jeffrey Lewis, Silver-coin-investor:

Safe to say, with oil cut in half, precious metals prices contained below $20, and both housing and equities booming on little to no real economic growth, we are at peak ignorance in terms of monetary understanding.

This cannot end well.

And yet for many who see the injustice, the inequality, or have dared witness the raping of justice on the way to this perception, the blame is too often misplaced. The sad reality is that those who are left to think about it come to the conclusion that the problem is capitalism – that more of the same should be implemented.

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2 comments to Dollar Denial Ain’t Just a River

  • Ed_B

    “Therefore, we accumulate on dips as usual and nurture the only part of a portfolio that is real and independent of liability and free of risk. ”

    Accumulating on the dips is good but there IS risk associated with holding PMs. Primarily, this risk is one of theft. We all must protect what we own and the best way to do that with PM is to have layered security for it. This can start with having motion sensor lights and trimming back the trees and bushes surrounding your home. Next up is a small but noisy dog or two. Follow that up with an electronic surveillance system that you can monitor remotely. Household light timers are also good. A stout safe and / or a great hiding place are also good.

    • Eric

      I think it’s just called common sense and taking some self responsibility Ed. Those are all good ideas.

      The best way to protect pm’s is to make them disappear and still know where they are.

      Safes should always be bolted down and hidden.

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