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Doctors Forced to Interrogate Patients about Whether They Own Guns

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

The Obama Administration is making another play against gun owners, this time by alternately using financial rewards and penalties against doctors.

According to reports, physicians who inquire whether or not their patients have loaded guns in their homes will earn extra compensation from Medicare.

As reported by PatriotNewsDaily:

When Dr. Vivek Murthy was confirmed as the nation’s next surgeon general, politicians on both sides of the aisle expressed dismay. This was a guy who had come out forcefully in favor of gun control, having labeled firearms as a “public health threat.” But while Dr. Murthy has promised not to use his position as a bully pulpit for politically-divisive topics, the Obama administration is already using the healthcare system to intrude on private gun ownership.

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2 comments to Doctors Forced to Interrogate Patients about Whether They Own Guns

  • rl

    Step 1. “No, I do not”
    Step 2. Close door behind you as you walk out.
    If there is one thing people need to take into their own hands NOW it is medical care.
    And we will see a ground swell of this in the years ahead as the useful idiot types in lab coats get the backlash of barry care and assurances from all quarters tells you they are just poor victims of it all too.

    And as much as these things are splashed and simply show that whores have always worn lab coats, powerlessness is the game and idea as usual with your betters. How many of us know an md or have one at the family reunion? Because if you do you will know that most of them have their god complex going if they have been ‘practicing’ for very long. Good docs that choose not to abide can be found with due diligence, while the elderly still tend to worship the coat and pay the price day after day. Having been thru this mill with a loved one for too many years to mention I can tell you I know of what I speak and good docs are stepping forward as no one has EVER has been forced to do anything whether they would like to believe it or not. I had no choice is the cry from the coward to the phsycho alike for everything from a paycheck to stacks of bodies.

    Godhood seems to comes with the trade via osmosis for most, while more and more the true god types are deciding if people need pain meds or can suffer from their procedures without it. All part of checking boxes for deathcare dollars too I assure you. It is rampant and many get to deal with pain they should not have to more and more for the luxery of being admitted and being cut upon or patched up. I know 3 people in the last 2 years where this was the case. Tough shit… I decide if your in enough pain from surgery or not was the case for a friend as they doubled up in pain in bed until I got there. Doctors have a huge backlash coming with all the rest… I guarantee you.

    Dont tell them shit; med history, life history, and the rest unless you know who you are dealing with. In the days ahead your pain level is 9 to 10 every time even if you throw the meds in the trash. Because like all the rest you are the adversary to these types of people while they play it off on laws, lawyers, and lawsuits whenever these things and misdeeds are broached. Bullshit. A new breed of trolls for dollars and gods in lab coats has emerged with the old and new mds alike in concert with their adminstrators who shuffle paper work for barry bucks and depopulation dollars like never before. To whit a friend md tells me respitory ailments along with severe migraines (can you say chemtrails) are 10 fold from a year ago and growing nonstop becoming “unmanagable”… untreatable.

    Thanks for the rant… to many I know have sufferd enough.

  • Altoid

    This is just too obvious to take seriously. There is. No, Zero , None… downside to giving no information to doctors. Except for my current ailment or medications I give no past family history or any social questions. Simply lie with No! This is a no brainer folks.

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