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Do You Suffer from Practical Paranoia?

by Pat Henry, Ready Nutrition:

One of the many questions we seem to encounter on the Prepper Journal from people new to prepping centers on tips for how to deal with our detractors. You all have at least one of them in your life; those people who for one reason or another think your idea of prepping is stupid. Either that or they believe some aspect of what you are preparing for or perhaps how you are prepping is out of phase with their version of reality. In some cases, these people who don’t feel the same importance we place on prepping are our loved ones – often the last person on earth you wouldn’t want on your side for something as important as this. Others are friends, family or acquaintances – even the media or maybe your favorite TV show might be casting your prepping activities in a negative light. At some point no matter how you try to convince them of the importance of preparing, the word ‘paranoid’ inevitably comes up.

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1 comment to Do You Suffer from Practical Paranoia?

  • Limacon

    Energy becoming very cheap will cause huge disruptions ( happening now , becoming worse)

    But it is survivable in developed nations.

    They had a chance to stabilize oil at about $32 , but were too greedy .

    Now it will plunge to below $10 (even negative) s massive imbalances in the economic system surfaces through the only free variable , namely the oil price.

    They were warned repeatedly.

    Now you will pay the price .

    As usual.

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