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Darryl R. Schoon – Will The Jig Be Up In 2015?


Darryl Schoon believes that fiat money and the world financial system is nothing more than a Ponzi Scheme. It’s unravelling very quickly and the world’s central bankers are extremely frightened. There’s nothing they can do to stop the destruction. If there was, they would have done it already. But Darryl says don’t despair, this is a good thing. It will allow humanity to develop in a way never before dreamed of. It’s an unimagined opportunity for the human race, to be embraced, not feared.

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1 comment to Darryl R. Schoon – Will The Jig Be Up In 2015?

  • wauhoo

    Darryl Schoon and Gerald Celente, both proven prognosticators extraordinaire, predict that after the collapse and the maelstrom that follows, for those of us lucky enough to survive, there will be a world of unprecedented beauty and fairness for all of humanity. I’m counting on you guys to be right.

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